I’m in full nerd mode as I write this. The third instalment of Mega Ran & K-Murdock‘s Forever Famicom DLC ( I need some catching up to do regarding the prequels) really takes me back in time when I spent entire summers trying to beat -Insert any video game title here- and while we are still on the subject, I never got to complete Super Ghouls N Ghost and I will forever loathe the makers of said game.

On Forever Famicom DLC3, K-Murdock concocts a splendid blend of 8-bit soundbites,vocal snippets and heavy drums while still maintaining the essence of the videogame titles being referenced. Megan Ran (Random) on the other hand,doesn’t just jump on the beats for the sake of it, there is actually a theme stringing the tracks together and judging from the titles here, these two really know the drill (Ryu Hayabusa for the win!).

I could go on and on about the concept of merging hip-hop and video games (which has been done before) but in this case the envelope just got pushed further on Forever Famicom DLC 3.

Tune in and get down with the program.

3rd & FINAL (?) installment of the Bonus Down-Loadable Content (DLC) from the collaborative Hip-Hop album/homage to Nintendo between emcee Random (aka Mega Ran) & producer K-Murdock (of Panacea).

[wpsharely]DOWNLOAD ON BANDCAMP[/wpsharely]

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