Rapper, DJ, author, Guinness World Record holder and new father Mega Ran teams up with Kadesh Flow for his new single titled “That’s Okay”. The feel-good track has an uplifting and bright soundscape made up of warm textures and lush trombone passes from Kadesh Flow who help add that extra celebratory feel to the track. The lyrics center on having patience when it comes to names of people of colour and people with hard to pronounced names. Mega Ran playfully explores the topic with a positive attitude and reminds everyone to be empathetic and open-minded. Using a sing-songy melodic flow, he helps break it down as follows  “Everyone doesn’t get everything right, The first time/ We learn from one another, Yeah, it’s gonna be fine/ It’s cool that you would ask me before giving up, Bet you’ll get it right next time, With any luck” and implores anyone who hasn’t experienced it to can learn to empathize with it.

“That’s Okay” is lifted from  Ran’s forthcoming album titled Buddy’s Magic Toy Box. The album written for his new son is a joyous and genre-bending album that entertains and inspires the young (and the young at heart) with the help of his friends like G. Love & Special Sauce, JER (Skatune Network), New York Brass (Kanye West, Jay Z, Eminem), Stacked Like Pancakes, Whitney Peyton, Kadesh Flow, Koo Koo Kanga Roo and more.




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