Matt Nye shares three cuts for us to rock ith from his new project. The records give the listener a full view of what to expect from the hard-working emcee.

“Weight of a Star” is a heartfelt and insightful piece ripe with profound lyrics that peer deep into Nye’s life. The soulful and somber backdrop serves as the best backdrop as Nye’s vivid lyrics shine bright.

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The second cut “I Aint Seen Nothing” has a somber and nostalgic vibe. On here, Nye plays street documentarian and brings listeners closer to the action with his descriptive and vivid lyrics.

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“Love and Other Drugs” is the third track and is bolstered by a jazzy piano riff and mellow drums. Nye switches his style with a lethargic flow and melancholic lyrics that dive deep into depression and its effects.


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