23-year-old international musician ODDGHXST releases his new single “Smile.” Don’t let the age mislead as ODDGHXST delivers a powerful, relatable record in a fashion that precedes his time.

Natural soundscapes sway throughout the record while soulful basslines steer and accentuate the premise.

ODDGHXST’s lyrical performance is smooth and flows effortlessly over the backdrop.

Although the record has light moments and emanates chill vibes, it tells a tale of building confidence. ODDGHXST is hoping for the best emotions in life and he doesn’t want to stray or run away, ideally, he wants to “…buckle up to try and make it up.”

The record speaks to a generation filled with uncertainty and doubt. However, ODDGHXST’s ability to incorporate the perfect blend of comedy and comfort poses a great sense of hope. Stream “Smile” and connect below.


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