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Bohdi -” Voila”.

Emerging rapper Bohdi shares his new single “Voila” which sees him in storytelling mode as he takes us through a vulnerable winter. Over the retro-jazz-infused soundscape, he peppers the track with his distinct and laidback flow and vivid lyricism that keeps listeners locked in.



Ajent O & Mic Bronto – “slimy” (feat. Hassaan Mackey & Kito Beats)


The duo of Ajent O and Mic Bronto drop “slimy”, a gritty and vivid track that takes listeners deep into their stomping grounds and the craziness that happens down there. Backed by the cinematic soundscape provided by  Kito Beats, the emcees proceed to wreak havoc on the mic with hard-hitting bars. Fellow emcee Hassaan Mackey also joins the fray and adds a solid performance to it all.


Lil Flower Nasti – “Deja Vu”


Hard-working singer/songwriter Lil Flower Nasti makes a return to our list with her new single “Deja Vu”, a rousing Motown jazz/soul tune that reminds us of her distinct style. The production by Grammy Award-winning Gennessee, Daniel the D3 Cohen, as well as vocal support by Genevieve Goings sure is brilliant and forms the perfect canvas for Lil Flower Nasti’s commanding vocal runs. She sings with much authority as she implores a distressed soul to stand up to a toxic lover and find the strength to move on.

Bandz x Enlock – “777 (feat. Enlock)” by Bandz”

Bandz and Enlock team up for “777”, a soulful track that explores the concept of slowing down to appreciate everything around us. The production is punchy and summery at once and captures the rapper’s candid and reflective lyrics that dwell on finding inner peace and enjoying the journey as much as the destination.



Amanda Greatorex – “Ghost”.

New Jersey-raised singer/songwriter Amanda Greatorex is not green to the game and with a decade-long experience as a singer and performing, she sure is far from being a novice. Her latest release is “Ghost”, a mellow reflective love ballad that showcases her vocal range and soothing melodic style. her vocals are sultry, and airy and seamlessly flow over the lush keys, warm basslines and lively drum grooves laid before her. Just as the title suggests, her vocals feel like an apparition that floats gently through our ears and soothes our souls.



Chris Chase – “Ben Simmons”.


Chris Chase’s “Ben Simmons” is a heartfelt and introspective track that delves into the complexities of identity and self-awareness. The song takes its title from the Australian basketball player, known for his athletic prowess on the court, but in this case, serves as a metaphor for the swift rise and fall of the basketball star. Over the sombre and solemn backdrop made up of mellow keys, soft basslines and drums, Chris takes time to pour his candid thoughts on wax as he shows us what really makes him tick.



Nectar Woode – “Waiting”.

East London-based singer/songwriter Nectar Woode delivers her new single “Waiting”. The summer-love ballad is built on lush guitar riffs, rich textures and snapping drums that all blend with her distinct and commanding vocal runs. The overall sonics are alluring and her soothing harmonies all cascade the sublime backdrop and draw listeners in.



Dre Bennett – “Wave I’m On”

Dre Bennett gets into his bag in his new single “Wave I’m On”. The track has a dark and moody texture and blends with his authoritative vocal tone and precise wordplay and songwriting. He details his mindset of being focused at all times and reminds everyone that he is not getting distracted anytime soon.


Krip Tha Don – “Yes Man”




Krip Tha Don is all about his art with his new release “Yes Man”, an anthemic track that dwells on being true to one’s being. He stands on ten toes and packs a punch with his vivid rhyme schemes and no holds barred attitude.




Nvy610 – “Proof”


Emerging rapper/songwriter Nvy610 brings pure “Proof” in his new release. The track is built on a mellow and dusty lofi sample and thick drums and sees the rapper sharing his thoughts on his journey as a young black man trying to prove himself and why people should not overlook him.


Tobi Adey – “Soldier”

Singer/songwriter Tobi Adey delivers this uplifting record “Soldier” which serves as a gentle reminder to listeners to not falter in the face of daily struggles and rise up to the task. Armed with his sultry airy melodic runs, he gives a heart-warming and alluring performance over a soft guitar-laden backdrop. This song is an uplifting reminder to rise up to the various situations life will throw at you.


Lynx Cane – “Vagabond Burden” (Feat. Draco Ungrateful)


South-East, London-based producer/rapper Lynx Cane links with rapper Draco Ungrateful for this reflective tune titled “Vagabond Burden”. Over the solemn and moody keys and soft drum grooves, the rappers blend a mix of introspective raps laced with uplifting elements.


Screamflacko – “Chicago Bulls”


Screamflacko teams up with Jea Nofakes for this reflective track titled “Chicago Bulls”. Over a dark and solemn backdrop, the duo share thoughts on hope, Perseverance and Friendship through the wringer using the strength of the legendary Chicago Bulls team.


VÉR – “Purpose”.


VÉR‘s new release “Purpose” is an introspective and thought-provoking piece that dives into the concept of unlearning social conditioning and the journey of the self through the ups and downs. Overall the song explores the ideas of whom we are told to be compared to who we really are and the strength it takes to step into that true potential and true purpose.


TNV – “Win” Ft:Battz”


TNV has his mind set on the goal in his new single titled “Win”. The jazz-infused track sees the rapper embody the spirit of being a winner and he teams up with fellow rapper Battz who helps accentuate the track with his detailed flow.


Cedric St. Louis & Fat Westbrook – “That Bitch”



“That Bitch” is a playful track from Hip-Hop acts Fat Westbrook and Cedric St. Louis. Over the bouncy backdrop, the duo takes the bravado element to the peak with their stylish flow and vivid rhyme schemes. “That Bitch” is taken from the duo’s Castor & Pollux EP.


Larry Coleman 2020 x UBI x CES CRU – “Chardonnay”


Larry Coleman 2020, UBI and CES CRU team up for “Chardonnay”. The track sees the emcees detailing their growth in this world over the horn-laden backdrop.


M-Dot x Alexander Padei – “HoopHop” prod. by Erick Sermon”.


Acclaimed Boston MC/Producer M-Dot connects with the EPMD/Def Squad legend Erick Sermon for “HoopHop,” an upbeat funk/soul-sampled banger that sees the rapper reflecting on his past. Over the bouncy backdrop, he takes us back to his start when he had a college basketball scholarship which was the impetus for him to further his growth as an emcee. He goes on to explain how in serendipitous fashion his pursuit of basketball led to him meeting his rap crew EMS, forging a lifelong brotherhood that still exists today. The chorus is provided by fellow Boston-Bred and currently Miami-based singer Alexander Padei who brings the entire record together with a smooth and catchy hook.


JusKolMeAl – “UnSung”

JusKolMeAl delivers “UnSung”, a dark track ripe with a menacing backdrop and his gruff and distinct flow. He doesn’t hold anything back and launches verbal darts at the naysayers and detractors.



Bshortt – “Riddles”


Bshortt returns with “Riddles”, a hard-hitting lyric-dense track that showcases his fiery style and vivid lyricism and musical style.


Showrocka x Ansolu -” Righteous Demons”.


Prolific emcee Showrocka and emcee Ansolu team up for ” Righteous Demons”, a heartfelt track that blend bravado and heartfelt lyrics about the daily struggle we all can relate to.


Psych Major x BA Badd – “Survival”

Producer/emcee Psych Major and Syracuse spitter BA Badd team up for “Survival”, a collaborative single from the duo as they team up for more material to be released in the future. as the title suggests, the track has a dystopian and dark vibe and sees the artists delivering vivid and hard-hitting bars that center on surviving the hard times. Listen to “Survival” here.


Piers James – “BOOP”


Rising UK rapper/songwriter Piers James continues his 6months of releases with this anthemic single titled “BOOP”. The track is ripe with cinematic textures and energetic drums all underpinned by his fiery flows and mantra-like hooks. In summary, Piers says; “BOOP is about stepping into your power and knowing your worth.


Blk Ozwald – “B.N.R”

UK artist Blk Ozwald shares his new single “B.N.R”, a chilled reflective track that explores the ever-growing social and economic disparities in the UK. Bolstered by jazz-soul soundscapes the rapper drops poignant lyrics that take listeners on a journey through the realities of life today.


Latir – “Before Sunset”


Multi-talented UK artist/poet/songwriter Latir returns to our list with his new single titled “Before Sunset”. The midtempo groovy tune sees him paying tribute to a love done during the golden hour as they cruise around. Armed with his distinct fluid vocals, Latir sure transports listeners to a comforting and soul-gripping world that captures true lovely moments between lovers. Latir, the poet and artist, is currently working to release his new EP.



Matt Nye – “The Fall”

Matt Nye‘s “The Fall” is a profound and introspective track that explores the ups and downs of love between 2 individuals. Over a soft piano-driven lo-fi soundscape, Matt reflects on the what-ifs and the outcomes.


ATO-MIK – “It’s Going Down”

ATO-MIK flips a mix of pop/hiphop in his new single “It’s Going Down”. Over the guitar-laden bouncy track, he delivers a smooth melodic flow with much gusto and reflects on a fledgling relationship.


Amiccella – “Offer” freestyle”.

Canadian-Italian Amiccella returns to our list with this new release “Offer” freestyle”. which sees her delivering fiery bars with her stylish flow over a moody and punchy backdrop.


AJ Peoples – “A Lot of Noise”.

AJ Peoples gets candid and reflective in his new single “A Lot of Noise” which sees him searching for his own voice in the sea of the noise of the world. Over the drumless and sombre backdrop, he talks about his struggles and where the journey takes him.


LUNA clipse – “Van Gogh” feat. Camp NoWhere


LUNA clipse shares new single “Van Gogh” in honour of World Bipolar Day. The song is a heartfelt and insightful piece that pays tribute to his bipolar hero, highlighting the struggle of those (like LUNA) living with mental illness who are misunderstood and mistreated by society. LUNA harnesses the fire of his bipolar disorder and forges it into a gift on the track with his off-beat flow and profound lyrics. he is joined by Camp NoWhere who deliver a soul-gripping performance to close it ut.


Manuscript – “shortest day”

Manuscript shows us what happens on the “shortest day” as he delivers vivid raps laced with personal experiences and relatable elements over a sombre jazz-infused lofi soundscape.



Jay Gudda – “Two Cents”


Jay Gudda help close out this week with his new single “Two Cents”, an unfiltered track that sees him pouring his true thoughts over a moody and dark soundscape.

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