Philly emcee Lojii (fka uhlife)  presents his latest effort titled  “colour”. A lo-fi, somber track that sees the emcee deliver a stream of consciousness type flow laced with grit and grime.

“colour” is taken from his full-length work titled ‘Lofeye’. The project is about working with limited resources and making the highest quality life out of what the f**k you got. It’s when you’re ‘lo-fi’ by circumstance (not just for aesthetic) but your aim is always higher. In essence, this is an LP about being rooted in the dirt you come from but reaching for the sky above you.”

Over 14 tracks and 42 minutes, “lofeye” is both a testament to what hard work and clear vision can yield, and a personal exploration of artistry and versatility from a rapper trying to improve his quality of life. From gentle hooks to blunt intensity, accented by hazy skits and interludes, it is difficult to misunderstand lojii’s message.


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