As you all may have guessed, we at WIB coverfrom time to time RnB, SOul, and specially Jazz, with that being said, let’s make way for this young, talented vocalist called Lexus. I actually haven’t posted any non Hip-Hop article in a long while so for me, this is pretty interesting. Before I even get to the music, I have to put this out there, the girl got that old soul vibe in her. I won’t compare her to the greats but she definitely embodies the term and boldly if I may add. The project in question After Hours:A Love Story takes me back to 1995 when I wasn’t really a fan of the genre but slowly got into it as I got older. The soundscapes range from RnB, Neo Soul, Jazz, hip-hop from a left field approach. The tempo mirrors the title so expect slow, enthralling, sometimes dark melodies,tumbling grooves and rhythms.

If you are single and listen to this, you may wish to have someone beside you. Just saying.

Hit the play button and get with the program.


All Songs Recorded by & Executive Produced by Alexis “LeXuS” Hayward

All Songs Written by Alexis “LeXuS” Hayward except “The Answer Machine” , “ENCORE”, and “The Wake Up Call” co-written by Joshua “Ezra King” McNeil

All Songs Mixed by Raven “RavyMonaee” Tibbs

“Loveaholic” and “Can’t Keep Loving” Mixed/Mastered by Terrence “DeuceMann” Godfrey III

PRODUCTION: Astrological, Bene Quilo, Evil Needle, Eloquent, Giorgio Oehlers, Kuroioto, KOEN, King-I-Divine, and LonzCityy.

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