Singer/songwriter Kyan takes expressionism and brings it to life with the vivid visual for his song “Lonely River”.The song itself is a poignant outlook on the labels we humans attach to ourselves once we come into the world. He looks at the way we move through life accumulating more labels and lose our true self in the process. The song itself doesn’t conform to the usual verse-chorus-verse structure but rather flows with a unique vibe and a chant-like hook to remind the listener of their true essence.

The visual brings forth several self-impressions and experimentation to the screen. It looks like a dynamic visual-art exhibition focusing on the true self and shedding the tags assigned to the individual as much as possible. As Kyan adds “…In the making of the video, I found it fascinating how little it takes to shape somebody’s impression of you. A layer of lipstick and a red scarf and instantly the conclusion drawn is very different to that of the same character with a baggy hoody, jeans, and Timberlands...”

Hit the play button and get familiar.

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