Kevin Cool‘s latest output is a dreamy, jazz-infused laid back cut titled ‘Inner Peace’. The homie has been dropping loose cuts for a minute now and I can’t be mad about that at all.

Definitely something you can vibe to. Hit the play button and get with the program.

Bio: KevinCool is a 22yr old emcee out of South Central, Los Angeles. He is apart of the Divine Atoms collective & the Winner Circle crew. Kevin embodies the ending of his name “Cool”, by the way he approaches every record he touches.

 He releases this new rough cut “InnerPeace,” but even through the rough sounding record you can focus & get intuned with his lyrics & get a better feel of what he is looking to accomplish through his art. The canvas is provided by PLC, it presents a pleasant & smooth vibe for the ears. It brings a soulful energy that allows KevinCool to vent with a rawer sound from the unmixed vocals & allows the listeners to further tune into the lyrics.

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