Karrass new single “Through a Bottle Darkly,” gets a triple remix that blends different soundscapes and musical styles. The dark record dives into the concept of apathy and a feeling of insignificance in the world. Karras comes through with an impassioned flow and vivid evocative lyrics to boot. The lyrics are quite profound and really give the listeners a glimpse into his present mental state and his way of coping with the stress.

“Through A Bottle Darkly (DJ Dial-Up Mix)” is made up of dark cinematic textures courtesy of DJ Dial-Up, who makes use of ominous synths, anthemic brass lines, and a punchy drum groove to boot.

Get “Through A Bottle Darkly (DJ Dial-Up Mix)” on BandcampSoundCloud.


“Through A Bottle Darkly (Carpa D Mix)” is as cinematic as they come. The solemn synths and vocal-like synths add a haunting aesthetic to the track and the overall vibe sounds like the early Mephis-horrorcore records.

Get “Through A Bottle Darkly (Carpa D Mix)” on BandcampSoundCloud.


“Through a Bottle Darkly (CYNYD Mix)” starts off with a solemn guitar riff and slowly rises with an ominous string/pads and punchy drums. Th dynamics are quite engulfing as the track flows and ebbs as it progresses.

Get “Through a Bottle Darkly (CYNYD Mix)” on BandcampSoundCloud.

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