Eclectic producer/emcee Karras kicks off the month with two releases in the form of “Strange Towers” and “Strange Towers (New Skins Mix)”. The track is a potpourri of off-kilter sounds and stream-of-consciousness raps.

“Strange Towers” is built on a harsh and sizzling synth-bass and dark moody arpeggios that are layered by punchy drums. Karras takes us in a journey of the mind with his unorthodox views on religion, ego and being self-aware. This is not for the faint-hearted so keep an open mind when tuning in.


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The “Strange Towers (New Skins Mix)” takes it up a notch with the dynamic and ultra-experimental approach. The sparse but punchy drums are tied with ominous synths, woozy basslines and short obscure vocal samples and thick textures that permeate the track from start to finish.

Stream “Strange Towers (New Skins Mix)” BandcampSoundCloudSpotify


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