Emerging rapper/producer  Justmusic20x91 gets some spotlight on our site with his new set of releases that showcases his offbeat style and penchant for using dark booming backdrops.


“Essential Worker” is the first cut we have and it dwells on the current global lockdown. The production here is broody and bass-laden while Justmusic20x91 delivers a somewhat carefree performance with an eye on detailed lyrics and a bit of humour.


“Calamari Popsicle” is a trap instrumental that takes elements from electronica and trippy elements. The beat is dark too and it’s very cinematic.

“Marinstrumental” has more of an ethereal and dreamy vibe. The drums are punchy and somewhat sparse but don’t really detract from the overall groove. It is well-crafted and engaging from start to finish.

” Si Se Puede” has a bright and upbeat vibe with its weird sounds and salsa-esque samples. The energy here is very different from the earlier beats and really rises to a plateau with it’s vibrant drums and vocal chants.

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