We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Aaron Horn – “Like Home”


UK producer Aaron Horn brings the warm vibe of “Like Home” in his latest release. The track is ripe with punchy grooves, lush guitar licks, and dreamy pads with a spirited vocal sample that has a retro-tinged element.



Think Different – “Grow Old With Me”

Japanese producer Think Different takes us on a different path with “Grow Old With Me”, a splendid piano-driven piece that is as refreshing as the morning breeze. It’s sparse, sublime and progressive as well.


athens. – “spring”

Greek producer athens deliver a heartwarming piece titled”spring” which sees him merging ethereal vocal hums, nature and bird sounds with atmospheric pads into one cohesive soundscape that aims to calm listeners.

kBeats x yani x Beyond moments – “Breaking Free”


kBeats  yani and Beyond moments take us to another realm on their newest collaboration titled “Breaking Free”. The down-tempo burner is as solemn as they come and the layered instrumentation really strikes the soul. The airy pads, rich guitar riffs, soft drums and mellow keys all merge into one another in a seamless manner.




Bmbu – “pilot ep”

Veteran producer Bmbu returns with “pilot ep” taken from his new project quiet work II. The record has a warm alluring bassline with airy keys and moody pads layered over punchy downtempo drums. It runs below the 2 minute mark but sure deliver the goods with it’s nostalgic and reflective aura.




kassamanno – “Me and Jay in Santa Monica”

kassamanno thrills us with some summer vibes in his new release titled “Me and Jay in Santa Monica”. The bright guitar phrases, soft alluring sax and snapping drums all work perfectly.


Jona Kandaly – “Planets”

Italian songwriter/producer Jona Kandaly caught our ears with his new release titled “Planets”. The track has an ethereal texture layered with moody pads and a crisp guitar phrase that plays in the hook section. The laidback drum groove also helps drive the progression to a higher plateau


stumbled across – “Night Drift”

German producer stumbled across takes us for a much needed “Night Drift”. The record is ripe with dreamy and atmospheric textures, warm pads with pulsating bass-line-driven drums and airy horns that appear every now and then.

Slowhandy – “Snow”

Macedonian producer Slowhandy makes his first appearance on our site with this aptly titled track titled “Snow”. The track has a moody and reflective feel with its lush keys, soft pads and sparse drums.

Tiny Anthem – “Sleeping in the Garden”

Tiny Anthem‘s “Sleeping in the Garden” is a pure slice of soul on wax. The slow build-up and layered instrumentation are made up of rich guitar riffs, warm low tones and soft drums that all add up to a beautifully alluring piece.

auracane – “moments passed”

Auracane shows us how “moments passed” in this sombre and melancholic tune. The production is comprised of punchy drum breaks, airy horns and layered eerie pads to boot and overall sure gives a soothing aura that would make one sit back and think deeply.

nobel – “River”

Nobel’s “River” is a solemn and reflective record that blends lofi jazz with a touch of soul. The slow progression and pulsating basslines are quite engaging and give off an introspective aesthetic.

Swift Arrow – “Saké”

Swift Arrow serves us some sweet “Saké” in audio form. He blends lush guitar riffs, and warm pads with groovy drums to boot and the result is soothing to the soul.

kBeats x Dan walters – “Shifting Tides”

kBeats is back again with this blissful release titled “Shifting Tides” and it features instrumentalist Dan walters. The result is a sombre and blissful record that exudes nostalgic and dreamy vibes.

Groove. – “RETRO”

Groove‘s newest release “RETRO” takes us back in time with its jazzy soul soundscapes. From the airy sax, warm pads, rich key progressions and smooth bassline-driven grooves, the track sure keeps the listener tuned in as it slowly ebbs and flows with well-timed changes and transitions.

macj – “the prettiest girl”

Krakow-based Polish producer macj returns with his new instrumental single titled “the prettiest girl”. The laidback jazz-infused tune is mellow, solemn and nostalgic at once.
Stream on All DSPs here.



Roninzvizion – “Cold Bloodz”


Tampa-based Producer & Composer Roninzvizion Aka (Trevior) help us wrap up this list with “Cold Bloodz”. The track has a dark and cinematic feel and the punchy drum breaks work perfectly with the lush textures and moody atmosphere.

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