German producer flamingo zamperoni‘s newest record “sheets” is a heartfelt and sultry R&B cut that showcases a blend of live instrumentation and well-crafted grooves. The track sees him working with vocalist Seilen and Jazz Pianist Philipp Schlotter who both bring their expertise to the forefront on the track.

Seilen comes through with a gripping melodic and sensual performance that displays her range and evocative lyrics while Schlotter peppers the track with some improv jazz piano chords that shimmer over the warm textures. As the title suggests, it’s a chilled sexy track that details a steamy session between lovers and will surely get some burn for the couples out there who are locked down together.

Flamingo Zamperoni was created as an Alter-Ego of Bensnburner, Producer/Bass-Player & CEO of the recently founded label bensnburner records.

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