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nobel – “Stars”

nobel and Chill Moon Music thrill us with this solid release titled “Stars”. The guitar-laden piece has a moody lofi pad layered with mellow riffs and a soft drum groove to boot. Overall, it is a perfect jam to rock with during one’s down time.


Sé Bastian – “November”

Sé Bastian‘s “November” may have come out last month but it’s still brilliant and fits the theme of the playlist. The guitar plucks are soulful and solemn and the mellow textures add an extra touch to it.



lemon loaf – “you’s to blame”

lemon loaf comes through with “you’s to blame”, a heartfelt track that makes one wonder about the past. It’s reflective and soothing too and the sparse arrangement sure is solid.


92elm – “Undertones”

“Undertones” is a sublime chill-hop track from 92elm who caught our ears with his distinct blend of jazz, lofi/soul. The keys, airy pads and sublime textures all match together like white on rice.


Vladislav Kurnikov – “Saturday Morning”

Vladislav Kurnikov‘s “Saturday Morning” is a befitting track for this weekend playlist and helps add that authentic soulful touch to it. The xylophone plucks, airy riffs, soft drums and lush sound design all blend perfectly.



Pga Lo-fi – “The Last Dance”

Pga Lo-fi’s “The Last Dance” is a soul-stirring piece that lives up to its title. Its melancholic aesthetic hits the mark with a brilliant layered arrangement made up of soothing piano riffs, warm basslines and smooth drum grooves.



nobel – “changes” feat. Fred Paci

nobel teams up with Fred Paci for this jazzy/lofi combination titled “changes”. From the lush keys, airy horns, crisp guitar riffs and overall solemn pads, the duo delivers a masterclass in heartwarming lofi mastery.


Vladislav Kurnikov – “Pure Days of Relaxation”

Russian producer Vladislav Kurnikov makes another appearance on our list with “Pure Days of Relaxation”, a joyful and hopeful tune made up of bright and summer-tinged soundscapes, and bouncy grooves.


Mr. Donsai – “Waiting for the light”


Mr. Donsai’s “Waiting for the light” is a mellow lofi-piece that is reflective as they come. The simple piano progression, solemn pads and soft grooves all blend perfectly.

kBeats x Lenny B – “Broken expectations”

The duo of kBeats and Lenny B  give us some glimmer of hope in “Broken expectations”. From the soulful and refletcive violins, warm basslines and solemn key progression, the duo deliver a soul-stirring piece that we all can rock with during our downtime.




Study Buddy – “Familiar”


Study Buddy gives us something “Familiar” in his newest effort. The sombre and reflective keys pair well with the lush bell piano riffs and rain sound effects. The laidback drums do add a nice soft but moving groove to it as well.

Ludwig del Pino – “Tokyo rain”

Chilean producer Ludwig del Pino caught our attention with “Tokyo rain”, a chilled sublime piece that evokes nostalgia and an undeniable warm feeling when you hit the play button.


Xevy – “Odoru Tori”

Xevy‘s “Odoru Tori” is so dope we had to share it as it takes the study beats approach to a different feel. The drums are soft but have a unique swing that works with the summer-tinged guitar riffs and the use of birds chirping also makes it exotic.





luzzz – “Winter Magic”

Russian producer luzzz shows us a new view with  “Winter Magic”. The track is laidback, and sombre and the use of airy vocal samples, and sparsely arranged piano movements with soft drums are superb.



Deep Wave by emeraldwave – “Carlyle”

Deep Wave by emeraldwave delivers this new record “Carlyle” to our doorstep and it’s a brilliant effort that blends jazz hop and lofi study beats elements in a seamless manner.



bo: – “Wake Up”

Norwegian producer bo: got us to “Wake Up” this morning with his newest effort which is a blend of heavenly horn riffs, warm piano progressions, lush pads and soft drums. The track is as blissful as morning dew and offers a calming aura that listeners can absorb and bask in as they rise up and go about their business.


Deuces – “Affirm” feat. Zane Massey

Deuces teams up with Zane Massey for this awesome record titled  “Affirm”. The production is airy and atmospheric and makes use of jazzy horns, alluring cinematic strings and a pulsating bassline to match.



Nom Tunes – “Everlasting Journey”

Nom Tunes‘s latest release “Everlasting Journey” is an ethereal and dreamy tune that is made up of lush acoustic guitar phrases, and soothing pads with soft drums that give off a nostalgic and reflective vibe.



Maerk – “Float”


Maerk‘s “Float” is a dynamic and solemn tune that blends lofi pop with chill-hop sensibilities. The sound design, rising pads and brooding xylophones do blend well together.


Mr. Donsai – “Looking At The Stars”

Mr. Donsai got us “Looking At The Stars” with this brilliant release. The keys, warm pads and strings all blend perfectly into a soulful and melancholic piece that listeners can rock with.

Steve Nguyen – “Capricorn”

“Capricorn” is the newest release from lofi producer Steve Nguyen and it’s as perfect as the summer breeze. The track has a solemn pad, soft piano progression and sparse drum grooves to boot and serves as a perfect beat to study with.

Mr. Donsai – “Dreams”


Mr. Donsai‘s second contribution to our playlist this week is titled “Dreams” and it sure lives up to its title. The production is distinct, and sublime and has a melancholic element that listeners can tap into.

moon.walken – “better to know”

moon.walken’s “better to know” is a solid blend of jazz/chillhop with a touch of lofi vibe. The guitar plucks are soothing and the mellow Rhodes arrangement really complements each other.

harukanaroo – “A Magical Prom Hall”

Indonesian producer harukanaroo gives us “A Magical Prom Hall” with his atmospheric and magical production. It’s quite cinematic and multi-layered from start to finish, The piano progression, ethereal pads and soft percussions blend perfectly together.

Le vaag – “Gardens of Versailles”

Le vaag flips the script with “Gardens of Versailles”, a soft guitar-driven beat that gives off reflective vibes. The plucks are steady and have a memorable melody that lingers on.

Dariush – “Path of the Wind (My Neighbor Totoro)”

Swiss producer Dariush hit us up with “Path of the Wind (My Neighbor Totoro)”, a brilliant tribute to the classic anime. The production is soothing, nostalgic and warm and his use of layered arrangement is unique as well.

BaoBao – “Aizo”

BaoBao‘s “Aizo” is a solemn tune ripe with melancholic strings and ethereal textures laced over soft drums. The soft horns and sublime vocal samples are a pleasant surprise as well.

Swift Arrow x Berezy – “Moonlight”


Canadian production duo Swift Arrow and Berezy caught our ears with “Moonlight”. The guitar-driven tune is as soulful as they come and has a summery solemn vibe that listeners can rock with.

kBeats x Second Harbor – “Gentle”

kBeats and Second Harbor deliver this “Gentle” tune to the list. The sombre guitar plucks and warm textures are prominent and give off a nostalgic vibe.

lower fidelity – “Don’t Leave”

Lower fidelity drops a smooth lofi/soulful boom-bap track titled “Don’t Leave”. He makes use of soft drums, sombre soulful textures ripe with solemn vocal samples to match and he even throws in some heavenly horns into the mix.

Wavey Singh – “Weeping Tiger”

UK producer Wavey Singh helped close out this week’s list with “Weeping Tiger”. A jazzy melancholic lofi tune made up of sombre strings, chilled guitar plucks, soft keys and mellow drum grooves to boot.

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