We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Yzu – “Sun Thru Trees”


“Sun Thru Trees” is the newest release from producer Yzu who delivers it with much gusto. The track has a dreamy and nostalgic aesthetic with its lush guitar riffs, soulful xylophones and warm textures. The good part is when the beat keeps progressing as it moves along.

Copywrite- “Want to Three For “

Veteran Ohio emcee/ producer Copywrite, hits us with the latest instrumental “Want To Three For” off his new beat tape “Ya Garbage Kid” out now on Bandcamp via Man Bites Dog Records. The hard-hitting record is built on a classic drum break layered with off-kilter ominous sounds and vocal samples that are pitched in different ways. It’s quite engaging and moody and the use of the classic 1-2-3-4 vocal sample adds a nice touch to it.



Chaos Control – “full circle”.


Greensboro, North Carolina genre-bending producer Chaos Control takes us “full circle” in his newest record. The instrumental is quite unique and off-kilter and its made up of a reversed vocal sample, psychedelic synth stab, woozy basslines and an off-kilter drum break.



The Last Nation – “Side by Side”

The Last Nation makes an appearance on our list with “Side by Side”, a guitar-laden lofi track that is soothing and relaxing all at once.

athens. – “floating”

athens. takes us “floating” in his newest release. The aptly titled track has an airy and ethereal vibe with cloudy textures, airy vocal runs and soft drums. The breakdown and smooth transitions also give it an extra atmospheric vibe.


BaoBao – “Laos”

BaoBao takes us to “Laos” on this epic and cinematic track. The production has a warm and reflective vibe that exudes the relaxing effect of the sunset.




leen one – “just not working”.

“just not working” is a melancholic and reflective track from leen one. The track is as sombre as they come and it’s made up of sublime textures, lush guitar plucks and soft drums to boot.

Cafe Nostalgia – “Cozy Mornings”


Colombian producer Cafe Nostalgia delivers the aesthetic of “Cozy Mornings” in his new effort. The track has a smooth texture and soft vocal hums laced with summery guitar riffs and mellow grooves to boot.


Picture talk, Tomh. – “Lager”.


Picture talk, Tomh got us bumping our heads with “Lager”, a smooth and lively tune made up of rich guitar plucks, smooth basslines and a solemn texture to complete the job.


Billy Hammer – “sun shower”.

“sun shower” sees Billy Hammer in his element as he blesses us with something chilled and playful. The keys have a dusty and rich feel and bend perfectly with the airy horns and a pulsating bassline.


Tony Lofi – “New Worlds”.

Tony Lofi delivers “New Worlds”, a soft and melancholic tune made up of lush guitar riffs, airy pads and sombre keys to match.


Audiorealm – “Love In Bloom”.


Audiorealm caught our ears with “Love In Bloom”, a soft soul-stirring tune ripe with soulful guitar plucks, and lush pads with soft drums.


The Chill Movement x TapeRtrn – “Weightless”.


The Chill Movement and TapeRtrn team up for “Weightless”., a chilled lofi soul cut that exudes a cool afternoon vibe that we all can rock with.


Sihu – “where the forest meets the river”


Sihu takes us to “where the forest meets the river” in his blissful and relaxing piece. the track is bolstered by solemn and warm textures made up of lush guitar riffs and strings that take listeners to a peaceful zone.


Sleep Powder – “Datura”


“Datura” is a sublime lofi record from producer Sleep Powder who deliver the goods. The production is airy, and ethereal and exudes nostalgic vibes as well.



Hanses x Beatmund Noise – “Route”.


Hanses and Beatmund Noise show us the “Route” with their excellent collaboration. The laidback relaxing track is made up of rich guitar riffs, dreamy soulful textures and a solid head-nodding drum groove to match.


88FULLY – “Stairwell”

88FULLY help us close this week’s list with the moody and punchy trap track titled “Stairwell”. The bass-heavy track is ripe with sombre piano riffs, mellow synth plucks and an overall cinematic texture.

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