Strong island’s John Jigg$ drops a heavy hitting  #51631 EP with little or no chills as he tears through soulful, sometimes jazzy boom bap-ish beats. On here, there are no fillers but straight up raw uncut joints that would keep hip-hop heads bopping from start to finish.
My favorite cuts include Bill Cosby,Turn Down The Sound and Get Em High but don’t get it misconstrued this is FIRE!!!!
Strong Island’s own, John Jigg$, of The 495 Boyz is back on the scene with his latest effort, #51631. The six track au-gratis EP includes guest appearances from the likes of Q-Borough’s Nature, Steel City’s B. White, and LI’s Typ-iLL, and boasts production from DJ Supa Dave, DJ Concept, Little Vic, and DJ Six3One. Named after the area codes that combine both Nassau (516) and Suffolk County (631), #51631 is 20 minutes of pure reckless abandon, that validates Jigg$ to be cut from the same cloth as his legendary Long Island counterparts, EPMD, Freddie Foxx and Prodigy. #51631 is now available for free download, courtesy of AudioMack.
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