Buffalo lyricist Y.N.X. 716 steps up to bat as he teams up with revered disc jockey DJ Concept for this new collaborative project entitled Conceptual Thoughts. The 6 track body of work is a collection of thoughts and experiences by the emcee Y.N.X. 716 as he flows effortlessly over DJ Concept’s scenic and hard-hitting soundscapes.


The opening track “Conceptual intro” is introduced by a haunting organ riff and moody texture with punchy drums and sees Y.N.X. 716 in his element as he spits “I took the lead, you better believe, there’s something up my sleeve/Gimme a reason, been consistent before I knew the meaning/ Am I dreaming or did this rap evolved into something I can’t cope with”. Disgruntled by the current state of rap, he surely doesn’t mince his words for anybody. This is followed by “Mainstream”, a reflective tune made up of DJ Concept’s cinematic and gloomy soundscape and gems to grow on. Lines like “I probably never sell like your favourite so face it/just when they thought I made it, y’all mistaken I related/Tough times turning to the Matrix/Slow motion, my devotion” display contentment and being true to oneself. In the gloomy “Daydreaming”, the Buffalo spitter reflects on the dark side of life where nothing is given and every wrong step could lead to destruction. The production is made up of sombre and gloomy strings and keys with mellowed drum breaks and underpinned by Y.N.X. 716’s vivid storytelling that immerses audiences right in the mix of the action.


“Beautiful Noise” is an introspective piece that centres on self-reliance, growth and discovery amid the madness of the concrete jungle. DJ Concept’s lofi-jazzy soundscape is the perfect backdrop for Y.N.X. 716’s emotive flow and descriptive bars with insight and engaging storytelling showcasing his experiences and growth. Next up is “Closure”, another engaging piece ripe with a profound lyricism that anchors on fair-weather friends, betrayal and the need to keep one’s circle close. As usual, Y.N.X. 716 shows his brilliance on the microphone with lines likeI see the premonition saying keep my distance/Cause friends are only friends once you complete the mission/Don’t come around when the crown kept/was around for the show but wasn’t there during the soundcheck” before he seals the deal with the chorus.


The final track “Long Way Up” has a bright and celebratory vibe with its retro-soul sample and smooth drum grooves and it’s a befitting closer. Y.N.X. 716 runs through his successes, and mistakes and how all these experiences made him into a better man for it and he has no single regrets whatsoever. In the end, Conceptual Thoughts is a thorough body of work that is anchored on the grittiness of the world, the never-ending grind and resilience of the human spirit. Y.N.X. 716 is adept with this and his life experiences spill into his music effortlessly while DJ Concept’s knack for creating enthralling backdrops helps bring these thoughts to life. Expect nothing short of raw beats and bars throughout this wistful collaboration, available now through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms via Crisis Center Collective.

Listen to Conceptual Thoughts on all DSPs here.

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