Normally when artists in the rap or R&B game start seeing peaks of the “top” (per industry standard) stacked high with cash, strippers and cars, a sense of superiority starts arrogantly shelling outward in their every move, photograph and lyric (The Weeknd taking role of a sparkling prime example). Such an obvious change in pace and rhythm from what was once the soulful story told, to the next lemon-like Wiz Khalifa collab (which will without a doubt circulate on every blog reaching the entirety of the nation in a matter of minutes – BAM you’re famous, that was easy!) begins the disappointment of fans whom are now filing away once beloved come-up albums to the shelves.

Not Cole.

Dropping the second round of tracks that aren’t making the cut for June 25th’s release of sophomore album, ‘Born Sinner‘, the Roc Nation signee keeps his messaging consistant through humility and impassioned rhymes about losing friends (‘Cousins’, my personal favorite) and reaching new heights in the rap game (‘Head Bussa’). If you ask me, sandwich the two LP’s and you’ve got yourself a solid full length album that would compete with most out there right now. We’ll have to wait and see. Stream after the jump, enjoy.


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