Revered hip-hop group Gangstarr return for a solid outing since their last full-length project ‘The Owners’. The song in question entitled “Family and Loyalty” comes after a 16-year wait from fans and sure makes up for the wait even with the untimely death of Guru in 2010 stalling things for a while. The track serves as a perfect welcome back gift from the duo and also brings along J.Cole who sounds at home over the solemn texture provided by Preem. At first listen, Guru’s vocals cut through the mix like hit knife in butter giving the feeling of nostalgia all over again. On the flip side, Cole contemplates an out of body experience and how it feels to rhyme alongside an artist who may no longer be with us in physical form, but (like diamonds) who’s influence has no expiration date.

“Family and Loyalty” is a thank you from Gang Starr & J. Cole to fans and the culture that raised them. Get it on all platforms here.


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