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Sinitus Tempo is a young and very talented producer we told you about several times already and he is also one of the most productive and hard-working artists I know. Over the past months, he has released countless EPs, two albums and several collaborations, including his latest endeavour with Australian singer and instrumentalist Kitty Wong, with whom he formed the group OneofUs and released Disengage. Inspired by Japanese culture and the late Nujabes, he creates beautifully soothing and dreamy music that is a delight for the ears.
After becoming familiar with his musical universe, I thought it would be a good idea to get to know Sinitus Tempo a little better and therefore decided to ask him a few questions. He was kind enough to reply very promptly and it is now a great pleasure for me to share those answers with you. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Sinitus Tempo…

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First of all, for people who are not familiar with you and your music, could you introduce yourself and tell us about how you started making music?

Hello everyone, my name is Nathan Peters aka Sinitus Tempo. I am a producer from Mount Rainier, MD. I started making music just by chance, it actually was a joke with my friend Doc Battle way back in high school, and we both just stuck with it. Here I am now.

You started at a very young age and have been producing for 8 years now. You seem to put a great emphasis on working on your technique and finding new ways to create music. Could you tell us more about that?

Yes, I did start at a pretty young age, I was about 14 dabbling around with FL studio haha. I actually got pretty good at it though, and used it for 7 years of my life. I started out with hip-hop pretty much studying from the greats like 9th Wonder and J. Dilla and my sound was actually really similar to some old 9th stuff. Later on, I started to get more and more into jazz. By the time I put out Born Legends, I was in love with jazz music. Artists like Koop, Quantic, Esperanza Spalding, Gretchen Parlato, were always being played. I kind of stepped back from the whole hip-hop scene, I kept that element but took my music to a different direction.

Your music is very peaceful and soothing, clearly inspired by Nujabes but with your own twist. As his latest album was released last month, do you think it’s important to pay homage to his talent but to create something original from his influence?

Yes, I do. Nujabes is a great man and I actually really started studying him and his style around the end of 2010. Hearing his new album is very inspiring, it has me thinking a lot about the direction of Peaceland II, and you also know that the title actually came from his track Peaceland, so I took a lot of influence from him and his music.

Sinitus Tempo – Utopia (my place)CLICK IMAGE TO WATCH VIDEO

Among the numerous projects you are working on, one of the most interesting to me is Tokyo Bliss, the manga you are helping create. How did you come up with the idea and how is the project going?

Well, I’ve always been a fan of anime and manga since I was young, watching movies like Akira, Perfect Blue, Ninja Scroll, X, so on and so on. Since the end of 2010, I have seen over 60+ series straight through, I love anime. So in 2010 I started thinking how great it would be to do my own. It took a while to get everything together but I eventually found Reb Pierre (the artist), who is an amazing artist in general. I offered to pay him to do the manga and he loved the idea of it so he started working on it with me. Another person involved is Aaron Wilcox, who has been helping me with the story progression. Reb is also helping me along with the dialogue for the project. I am working on an OST to go along with the release of it, Vol 1 should be ready summer 2012.

In addition to the great influence from Japan and its culture, your music is also more and more coloured with jazz touches. Is that something you are interested in developing further?

Yes, I love jazz and experimental sounds. I feel my sound will eventually become that over the years haha. One of my biggest influences is Koop, so I can see it going in the jazz direction for good.

Your latest project with singer/musician Kitty Wong, with whom you form the group OneofUs, was released recently. Could you tell us more about Disengage and how this collaboration was born?

Well Kitty hit me up on my fan page on FB, she was so polite and innocent as always (lol), so I checked out her music. I fell in love with the track she sent me, so I decided to see how she would sound over my tracks. The same day, I sent her a track she sent it right back and that was actually the intro track for Disengage. We did two more tracks before I decided I wanted to form a duo with her. We bounced around names till she decided on OneofUs, and here we are now. Ready to work.

OneofUs – Drops of Ink

Sinitus Tempo – Last Days of Summer

Another collaboration you created is with Canadian MC e.d.g.e. and you are currently putting the finishing touches to an EP you will release soon. As much as I want to, I can’t help but mention (once again) that you two got in touch on Twitter thanks to me, but how did the connection develop between you and what’s the concept behind the EP?

Haha that is true and thank you for that. Uhmmm well, I sent him a few tracks and he did his thing lol Pretty much. We are both anime lovers, just like Kitty and I, it’s just like I can always sense the chemistry I will have with others, you know. As far as the concept goes, I’m not too sure. He said he always wanted to name a CD that I said let’s go for it. I had my homie Rich ( do the cover and that was that. He comes hard over tracks and you know I have a smooth jazz side to my work, so the title actually worked out very well.

Anything else you would like to add?

Just thank you everyone for all of the support. Please follow the Bliss Eternal page on Facebook (my company with Alex Kohler). And look out for all the releases from our artists. Look out for the manga we will be releasing through the company and hopefully anime as well.



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