Hip Dozer is a record company operating out of France. The label is home to a number producers especially those circulating around the chillhop circuits. Co-driven by a producer team from the French chill-beats and hip hop scene, Hip Dozer is a key player in a booming genre that explores the heritage of producers such as the late Nujabes, the late J Dilla and Pete Rock. The label highlights emerging acts as well as other iconic producers in this instrumental hip-hop scene, a real internet phenomenon that brings millions of people together every day around the world.

It’s late at night, your thoughts are wandering and you need music to guide and comfort you, Imagine cruising on a passenger seat, street lights flashing up on your face the upcoming volume 1 of our Midnight Glow series is meant just for you. With this tracklist running through your ears, you could just go around the world without even thinking about it. Blending emerging artists and hip hop scene cornerstones, this project is a warm glimmer in those lonely times.

Some of the producers featured on this compilation include Handbook whom we have featured on the bond before (see here), Dweeb who has got a feature on the blog also (here), Casiio, H.1 and Frumhere. Other names on the project include n o r m a l, stream_error, C4C x Refeeld, Odqin, Bokki, Brenky, Onigirisu, Soft Eyez X Gavin Stacey, Bertholet, Oatmello, Flughand, Noflik, Ocha, Nowun, Phlocalyst & Meadow, Elijah Nang, Catpaw & Kuranes, Laffey & AJMW, Mujo, Slowheal, Kalaido and Intjay.

You can stream this project also on iTunes and Deezer. Hip Dozer has got quite an impressive catalogue and you should do well to check their Bandcamp for their collection. Connect with them on Facebook as well as Twitter.

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