RZA appeared on Chelsea Handler last night to discuss his “RZA World” app, upcoming acting projects (He’ll be on the “Californication”) and directing.

Here is what he said about the his decision to stay sober while directing:

“Making music and weed kinda went together for me… but I’ve transferred myself to a director now and you’ve gotta be sober. I’ve been playing it sober, Superman focus, Superman stamina.

Even when you’re acting, you wanna keep your mind focused. It’s a very unique craft, to be taking on different personalities.

In Californication, I’m playing this rapper who does smoke and drink, but, to get into his mindframe and be him, I had to play it sober.”

Unfortunately, there isn’t a release date for “The Man With the Iron Fist” yet but they are done filming and should announce one soon.

via [ContactMusic]


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