The hiphop community both local and wide has a funny way of introducing artists together. One of those examples is through Okayplayer, you have Phonte from North Carolina and Nicolay (from the Netherlands) connect on their message boards (wow that sounds ‘relic-ish’) which eventually got them together to form the future Grammy-nominated duo, the Foreign Exchange.

In the case with the PG County, Maryland born emcee Substantial met the London-born producer Funky DL through the late, great producer Nujabes from Japan. All three have become a triple threat in the music industry as both Substantial and DL have gained prominence from working with the Japanese producer as labemates from Hydeout Productions.

This 8+ minute video above touches on how the two luminaries have met. In some aspects this is paying homage to Nujabes, while discussing their solo careers and more. They got back together to bring you a new project called We Met In Tokyo, which is a 5-track EP that touches a lot on the current events that’s taking place.

The full 20-min doc will be shown on Friday on Substantial’s YT channel at noon EDT, so if you’re on West Coast time (like I am) – that will be at 9AM (PST).

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