For those that have been long waiting for Murs‘ imprint of festivals to make a return, STOP. In fact, stop looking forward to it making its way back to Los Angeles.

“Move on; that was the past,” Murs said in an IG interview with The China Show. “If you were waiting for Rock the Bells to come back but didnt go to Paid Dues, then you’re missing out. You’re missing out on supporting these things…”

He then tells the host China Williams that fans should be supporting festivals like THOPFEST and Camp Flognaw.

The first Paid Dues festival started in 2006 which took place at the Shrine Expo Center, with about 5K heads showing up in attendance to see folks like Aesop Rock, Living Legends, Felt, 2MEX, El-P, and more. After the success of the following year’s festival – Murs (in association with Guerilla Union) decided to take the festival on tour for a couple of years, hitting cities like New York, Denver, Chicago, Baltimore, – and also going north up to Berkeley and San Francisco, and more.

The last Paid Dues was in 2013. The following year, they hit a financial snag which prevented them from returning for what at least seemed like another three years.

Then this promo flyer dropped out of nowhere in August 2017 – with this update following not too long after.


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