DICAP – Love At First Sight

Found this whilst going through the mails, kinda felling it, but not too sure. What do ya’ll think?

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“Ask DICAP what his first love is and he’ll tell you it’s performing live on stage.  “Every artist eventually has to showcase their art; therefore the stage is my art gallery.”  According to DICAP there is just something about performing a song that has had him hooked ever since he first stepped on stage during his sophomore year in high school.  The foundation is laid when he writes the song; the rest is built when the studio session has ended, but once the song reaches the stage that is when it truly takes on a life of its own.  “Instead of worrying about how something might sound, I worry about how it is going to be said on stage.”  DICAP says this as if it is his motto.  His experience is evident once you ask him who he has opened up for.  He listed off about 20 or so different times he has opened up for different acts.  Instead of name dropping all 20 I’ll share a few with you.  DICAP has opened up for artists such as Common, EPMD, The Clipse, Little Brother, Camp Lo, Talib Kweli, Busta Rhymes, among others.  Not only has he opened up for a many of artist but he has also performed in many different cities within the U.S.  Cities such as Santa Monica, Atlanta, Cleveland, Brooklyn, D.C., Philadelphia, and Richmond are just to name a few.”

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