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Mac Perry – “Dreaming”


Emerging multi-genre artist Mac Perry shares his new single “Dreaming” which explores his love life and how things never progress into anything serious. Over a sombre and reflective backdrop and armed with his laidback flow and candid lyrics, he gives listeners a true account of his exploits in the love arena and the ups and downs that he faced. It’s never a straight path but rather crooked.





Isaura – “Surreal”


San Diego, California-based singer/songwriter Isaura delivers her unique brand of pop-infused R&B to our playlist with her new release titled  “Surreal”. Over the solemn textures and warm pads, she reflects on fledgling love and how she longs for something more concrete as opposed to wishful thinking.





D-MatiK – “Party’s Over”.

D-MatiK‘s “Party’s Over” is a heartfelt and rivetting tale revolving around personal loss, daily struggles and the concept of leaving when the music stops playing. Bolstered by a soulful soundscape, D-MatiK takes a gander into the death of a loved one, his cousin’s alcoholism and the many revolving characters and experiences that helped shaped his worldview.


Gus Walker – “Make It Happen”.


Emerging act Gus Walker shares this reflective tune “Make It Happen” on our playlist. Bolstered by a cinematic backdrop made up of airy textures, thick bassline-driven grooves and lush horns, Gus takes time to dwell on taking action in order to effect change as opposed to just talking. The track is produced by Boudewijn Pleij with jazzy trumpet lines by Lauran Neerincx.



Stevie B – “Lucifer’s Rain (The Audio Scientists Laboratory Remix)”

Multi-talented artist Stevie B drops  “Lucifer’s Rain (The Audio Scientists Laboratory Remix)”, a cinematic track that is ripe with insightful lyrics. Over The Audio Scientists Laboratory‘s ominous and dynamic backdrop, Stevie B gives listeners a vivid breakdown of the way the world runs and implores us not to get lost in the sauce.  The Audio Scientists Laboratory is an Arts Collective from Detroit, Michigan made up of artists from the various disciplines of music, rap, poetry, theatre, dance and song.



Tanajah – “V.I.B.E”.

Raleigh, North Carolina-based Tanajah caught our attention with her newest release “V.I.B.E”. The laidback track is bolstered by a soulful/lofi backdrop and her distinct melodic flow and heartfelt songwriting. She takes time to detach from the daily struggles and while it’s never-ending, it’s always helpful to savour each moment and enjoy life as much as you can.




Ominous Words – “I don’t wanna grow up”


Ominous Words‘s “I don’t wanna grow up” is fun and playful and sees him pouring out his true thoughts over a video-game-inspired soundscape. Based on the predicate that growing up ultimately destroys one’s dreams, he takes the stance to stay as young as possible in order to achieve his goals.





CONFUSHANE? returns with “PANIC!”, a hard-hitting and off-kilter track that showcases the rapper’s stylish flow and insightful songwriting. Over a somewhat cinematic and spastic backdrop, he delivers a thought-provoking message for listeners to tap into and stay aware of the way the modern way uses subtle indoctrination to keep us aligned.

This is the 3rd song in the EP The Age of Icarus.


Dillon & Diamond D – “Comin Out Swingin” (feat. Elzhi)

Dillon and Diamond D are “Comin Out Swingin”  as they team up with Elzhi. The result is a battle theme track ripe with cinematic backdrops provided by the legendary Diamond D and fiery raps that uses boxing references and more. The ATL-based Dillon sets it off with a smooth performance laden with verbal uppercuts and body blows followed by Elzhi’s stylish rhyme schemes that remind us of his super lyricist status.

“Comin Out Swingin”  is taken from Dillon’s Uncut Gems LP.




James Owk – “Koba’s Place”

James Owk takes us to “Koba’s Place” in his new single. The track has a nostalgic jazz aesthetic laced with steady grooves, lush keys and horns. James sure deliver the goods with a solid flow and blend of bravado and insight.



Alex Caban – “Days Go By”.

Brooklyn-based artist Alex Caban caught our ears with “Days Go By”. The mellow sombre tune is made up of melancholic piano riffs and sublime vocal samples over punchy drums which the rapper used to share his story of daily struggles and hurdles. From losing a loved one, he reminisces on how he copes with the situation.


Addi P – “Not Finished Yet”


Multi-talented rapper/singer/producer Addi P reminds us that it’s “Not Finished Yet”. Over the jazzy-soul backdrop, she delivers a laidback melodic flow ripe with reflective lines that listeners can relate to. The track deals with themes of infidelity and the unique way she confronts the cheating partner.


Chepps – “What’s New”.


Seattle rapper/musician Chepps gives us his new single “What’s New”which is a laidback genre-bending track. The track has a smokey and funky vibe and showcases his laidback melodic flow and vivid lyrics. he sure doesn’t hold back as he details how he finds time to relax from the craziness of the world.



Miller Blue – “Love, Trust, Patience”

Miller Blue makes his appearance on our playlist with his song “Love, Trust, Patience”. Taken from his new EP 4 Degrees of Separation, the track reflects on the aftermath of heartbreak and the breaking of trust between 2 individuals. The track has a moody and dynamic soundscape made up of moody textures, lush synths and a solid groove all underpinned by Miller’s commanding vocal runs.



LilPixie B – “MySide”

Bristol, UK artist LilPixie B gifts us with “MySide”, an atmospheric track ripe with ethereal textures and soft grooves. Armed with her soft and mellow flow, she shares a tale of what her summer days are like. From chilling with her squad and looking fresh while basking in the summer sun



Gracie Convert – “Stress Me Out”


Emerging singer/songwriter Gracie Convert returns with new single “Stress Me Out” which dives into themes of loving deeply and being emotionally drawn into someone who might be bad for you. Backed by a sensual guitar-driven backdrop, Gracie delivers a sultry and soul-gripping performance as she recounts her experience and how mentally jarring it can be and ultimately she had to make the right choice that suits her.



Rohan – “Jungle (Ride With Me)”


Toronto, Canada-based artist Rohan delivers this genre-bending track titled “Jungle (Ride With Me)”. The production by Eestbound takes elements from afro-house, dancehall with a dash of R&B with its sublime pads, steady grooves and moody textures. Rohan delivers a nonchalant performance ripe with sultry melodic runs and vivid lyricism that is both alluring and sensual.

“Jungle (Ride With Me) serves as the focus track for Rohan’s debut EP JUNGLE.



Latir – “Slow Dance (always & forever)”.

Latir turns down the tempo of the playlist with “Slow Dance (always & forever)”. The single is a soulful and heartfelt ode to the true essence of love between two individuals. The production is layered, sombre and reflective while his distinct melodic runs really shine through.




Earl Hondo – “16 Summers”.

Langhorne, Pennsylvania-born rapper/producer Earl Hondo drops this new single “16 Summers”. The anthemic track is made up of cinematic textures, horns and thick 808-laden drums and is bolstered by his fiery flow and energetic performance. The track is his own way of stating his claim as the guy to watch. The track is the first of three singles that will be released in the coming months.



Apex Zero x Micall Parknsun x Elia-Naa – Live Life (On Livity) feat. Elia-Naa & Micall Parknsun”.

Apex Zero continues his slew of releases as he drops “Live Life (On Livity)” which features veteran producer Micall Parknsun and Ghanaian vocalist Elia-Naa. Over Micall’s upbeat cinematic soundscape ripe with moody organs, deep basslines and punchy drum grooves, Apex delivers a fiery and fast-paced performance ripe with insightful bars about seizing each moment that life has to offer. The song is bolstered by Elia-Naa’s subtle melodic runs that come as a perfect accompaniment to the track.



Don Carlton – “Sacrifices”


Australian rapper Don Carlton‘s new single “Sacrifices” is a reflective song that dives into the delicate issue of loneliness and daily struggles. Over the dark and moody backdrop, he talks about the hurdles he had to overcome and the many sacrifices he had to make to get over. His flow is quite energetic and sometimes off-beat but not too distracting.


keni can fly – “78 Birds”


Japanese American rapper/artist/producer keni can fly makes his entry on our playlist with “78 Birds”. The track is a blend of lo-fi-jazz with boombap aesthetics and sees the rapper in his element. Armed with his unique flow, he goes forth with a handful of styles ranging from mellow to double time while maintaining the stream-of-consciousness theme throughout.


Conkrete – “Caged Animals” (feat. Evlow)


Conkrete and Evlow raise the ante with their new collaboration titled “Caged Animals”. Over a punchy and cinematic backdrop, both emcees break out the leash and deliver aggressive bars with reckless abandon.



Hugh Klein x Komang – “Crisp”

Prolific Australian artist Hugh Klein teams up with Melbourne/Narrm-based vocalist Komang for his new single titled “Crisp”. The track is as dynamic as they come and is made up of moody and psychedelic sounds that are layered expertly. From the lush piano riffs, dark textures and sparsely arranged drums to Komang’s sultry and airy vocal runs, listeners are transported into a fantasy world that centers around lust and sensuality. It’s quite out of the box as these two artists deliver something refreshing that breaks the confines of soul/jazz and experimental music.


Justin Tyme – “Be Easy” ft. Tyler Woods & Camp Lo


Justin Tyme shares his new single “Be Easy” which features vocalist Tyler Woods and legendary NY duo Camp Lo. The feel-good jam is made up of a laidback soulful backdrop provided by legendary producer/DJ Hi-Tek and smooth melodic runs from Justin and Tyler while Camp Lo wraps it up with their flavourful raps about taking it easy and enjoying the moment.


Jake Fish – “Baphomet Poses”

Jake Fish caught our ears with his new release titled “Baphomet Poses”. The track has a soulful and soothing feel and sees Jake delivering a stream-of-consciousness performance but he inserts some reflective and heartfelt lines into the mix.


Royal2K – “Solarflare!”


Emerging rapper Royal2K drops the synth-laden single titled “Solarflare!”. Bolstered by the EDM-infused soundscape, he delivers a smooth and carefree performance ripe with candid lyrics that dwell on living stress-free, and having fun while you can.


Calabasas x Trinidad Cardona – “Gentle”


Calabasas and Def Jam artist Trinidad Cardona team up for this pop-infused single titled “Gentle”. Over the smooth funky grooves and lush textures, the duo delivers a solid love jam that we all can rock with.
“Gentle represents everything we are going through right now just not trying to force anything. Letting things come to us naturally. The session with Trinidad was exactly that, just free flowing and felt right from the very beginning,” said Calabasas.


Dswillrock4jesus – “First Love”.


Christian rap artist Dswillrock4jesus shares his new single “First Love” which is inspired by the love for Jesus. Using clips of various individuals who declared their love for Jesus, Dswillrock4jesus continues the message with a heartfelt and candid performance. He doesn’t shy away from his faith and shows gratitude for what God has done for his life.


Rakan Ayyoub x Dice Soho – “Thunder”.


Rakan Ayyoub teams up with Houston Texas Rap Star Dice Soho for this cinematic and ghoulish track titled “Thunder”. Over the dark backdrop, he details his daily struggles as an artist trying to get out of rock bottom and the adversity that comes with trying to find success in the game.

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