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First off just to let you know since we haven’t had no posts for a while so maybe you never caught it the first time round, but WIB’s always lookin for ideas from the community and that include’s the Word Is Bond Collab; J wants to know who you’d like to see featured. As he says, we’ll try and do our best to make it happen [don’t be shy if you haven’t dropped a post before, go ahead and introduce yourself, make  an article suggestion of something we mighta missed (it can be something of yours, all the better if it is, if it’s dope enough we’ll put it up to share with the WIB readers) and drop an opinion on Hip Hop in general]. Anyway just wanted to bump that real quick. Now back to the matter at hand…

You mighta read this week that Snoop Dogg wants to start up a hip hop programme in the mold of X-Factor to ‘find America’s hottest hood artists’ (read more here). That’s the dude that gave us this, and this, and this, giving serious (maybe, it’s always hard to tell when a couple of minutes later he talks about opening Snoopermarkets, but looking at the market of hip hop these days something like this is inevitable) consideration to something which embodies 15 minutes of fame and selling out to get it. Is this then, after the disappointment of Lasers,  the final nail in the coffin of mainstream hip hop? Or did it die a long time ago? Maybe I’m overreacting and Snoop’s being genuine, some unknown kid with lyrics that’ll make your skin crawl and a freestyle wit to rival Supernat will be given a platform to impress the whole of the US and it’ll kick start a career or two of someone who’d never have blown up otherwise. But the way these things work, that’s doubtful. I’m not hating on the mainstream because it’s the mainstream, that’s irrational and judgemental, but I want to turn on the radio and hear something dope every once in a while. Seems as if music’s being buried alive; that’s why they call it the underground. Who knows, with more exposure to unknown talent through blogs and television hip hop is being resurrected. Share your thoughts.

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