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So J had hit me off bout a few months ago about Joining the Versus…What’s Versus?..It’s when we connect with Mc’s and Producers International/National to create music within the site which is exclusive everytime…So Diggler agreed and took a stab at it…A Couple of hit and misses later…This is the first creation a Versus in Diggler fashion and to keep it real…There are more down the fallopian tube as we read this….and so it happens..Homie Peacelove had dropped a post from Germany…A Producer with assasin type skills with the swing of lacerating abstract samples that are supple in uncien hiphop texture…Introducing the beatmaker Thallus….After hearing the featured track bout 10seconds in it was only right to make it and expose to a Versus post….”Belong”
So after the hearing and the clearance of the track….Knowing already the Mc’s that would body the beat in a tortured type of submission with there lyrical foreplay….”Emypr and Henry Canyons” that make up that unique duo out of Los Angeles…”2 Blunts and A Gent” …After speaking with “2blunts” today bout the drop on the exclusive WIB Heater…He informed aswell bout the projects being drop in next few months..from the sounds of it…Some summer time heat type sh!t.,…Establishing a “Carmix” remix Ep with all original material…and then a “Beat tape” with all members remastering Motown sounds…will not say anything else bout that..also a brand new album..The projects handled by EverReadyRecords…Ghea…So if you know whats good for you its highly recommended that you keep it posted on the lacing of material by “2 Blunts & A Gent” it’s dope and pure raw uncut hiphop…Enough Said…So here’s it is…GERMANY VS. LOS ANGELES ……THALLUS Vs. 2 BLUNTS & A GENT……EXCLUSIVE WIB HEAT!….LET’S GO!


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