London based rapper/producer Elian Gray explores the intricate dynamics of this thing called “High Art.”

The self-produced track is a purely cinematic and somewhat cerebral affair as Gray comes through with multi-layered couplets and vivid lyrics over the ominous percussion-less backdrop. He, however, doesn’t try to go over our heads with extraneous or pretentious lines but rather give a tongue-in-cheek presentation that everyone can ride along with. From the emotional flow to the unprecedented lines such as “I swear I’m turning super Saiyan/ my spirit animal is the singer from future island/Mutant hybrid, Human-computer virus…” which stops abruptly and goes into a self-deprecative burst.

“High Art” is a solid introduction to the man and brings his unbridled, off-kilter style of hip-hop to our consciousness.



While his debut LP Awkward Awemarks Elian’s first outing as a solo artist, his skills have been honed through his involvement with numerous crews and bands, including Gentle Mystics, DefDFires and Undali. This gave him the chance to play festivals and gigs throughout the UK and Europe while he continued to develop his production technique working as a soundtrack artist, as well as cutting demos and EPs for a variety of musicians and vocalists.


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