Cali emcee Chuck Brown‘s newest release Nothing Left” is a semi-autobiography of some sorts as he takes us back to the mid-80s through the 90s with his vivid lyrics and passionate flow. Backed by a solemn, cinematic backdrop courtesy of Screwaholic, Brown runs down more than a handful of global events from the cold war, the 80s crack era, the Iraq war, Rodney King beating, LA Riots, and more.

The video shot by 12th St. Media is quite solid too and sees Brown in a one-shot run as he takes us down memory lane. Several images and visuals from the different events he talks about are layered on a screen behind him to reflect each period.

“Nothing Left” is the first single off his new project 80s Baby, which you can get HERE.


1. Intro (Payola) – Prod. by Din

2. 80’s Baby – Prod. by Trox

3. Nothing Left – Prod. by Screwaholic

4. Ultra Violent – Prod. by Screwaholic

5. Unforgiven – Prod. by Tommy Vamoz (Cuts by PhrumLsWhere)

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