The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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THT Cyrus – “All Good”

THT Cyrus is in good spirits with his new single “All Good”, a laidback soulful tune that dwells on growth and achieving success despite the naysayers and detractors.

Alpha Ojini Two Horns (feat. Boogey, Kel & A-Q)

Rapper/producer Alpha Ojini comes through with a loosie titled “Two Horns” as he teams up with fellow Nigerian artists Boogey, Kel, and A-Q. Over a mid-tempo, jazz-tinged backdrop, the quartet trades witty bars about being the best versions of themselves while the naysayers watch from the bleachers.




Yorke – “Apple”


UK emcee Yorke drops a new single “Apple” with us this week. The laidback soulful tune dives into the concept of growth in the true sense. backed by a somber and sparse backdrop, the emcee delivers an impassioned performance ripe with reflective lyrics that listeners can grow on. “Apple” is the leading single from the b-side tape releasing in early 2022,



James Gardin – “Trophies”

Michigan’s own James Gardin is claiming all the accolades and  “Trophies” in his new single. The anthemic song sees him embodying the spirit of a true champion who can also back up his words. He delivers a melodic performance laced with insightful lyrics that aim to uplift listeners and reminds us of his legacy in the game.




RobYoung – “Shamboni”

Emerging emcee RobYoung makes his entry on our site with “Shamboni” a cinematic and somewhat experimental track that dwells on spiritual elevation and staying true to oneself. The production is quite punchy and engulfing while RobYoung’s raps are evocative and engaging from start to finish.



Muncy – “Warfare”

Muncy‘s “Warfare” is a thought-provoking tune that sees him tackling real-time issues like the effects of capitalism and the system that keeps putting its boots on the neck of the masses. Muncy is extremely unapologetic on this tune and pours his frustrations on wax while reminding us that he is ready to go out all for the cause.


Chuck Brown x Sick Tricks – “Gold Keys” prod. by PhDBeats (Cuts by DJ Hectik1)

Huntington Beach, CA based Chuck Brown delivers a hard-hitting gem in the form of his new release titled “Gold Keys.” Over the cinematic backdrop provided by PhDBeats and vocal cuts by DJ Hectik1, Chuck showcases his lyrical prowess and reminds us that lyricism is far from dead. He is joined by fellow emcee Sick Tricks who cements the same notion with his fiery flow and graphic lyrics. This is the second release from the “Chuck’s Corner” series, following “B.L.B.S.”





Dos Leches – “RELAX”

Emerging genre-bending artists Dos Leches share a new single titled “RELAX” Taking elements from rock and hip-hop, he brings a different aesthetic to the forefront with relatable heartfelt lyrics and experimental soundscapes. The track digs deep into external pressure to always be calm and collected, and the ways we cope with the restlessness of the struggle to be that way. From their own perspective, they give quite a nuanced position that listeners can relate to.



Mirrormelt – “The last edict” (feat. Orion)

Mirrormelt and Orion link up for “The last edict”, a heartfelt tune that talks about the injustices of the legal system, the prison military complex, solitude and finding spirituality in the face of adversity. The production is solemn and dark while the lyrics are sharp and insightful. The song is from Mirrormelt’s album, The New Bible, a largely instrumental album.



Cashus King x Jeff Johnson II x M.Waisome – “SIT CALM”

“SIT CALM” is a conceptual track that mixes bravado, wit with references to classic sitcoms we all love. This is brought to us by the trio of Cashus King, Jeff Johnson II, and M.Waisome (who produced it). Over a punchy and mellow soundscape, each emcee runs through shows from the ’80s, ’90s, 2000s, and 2010s in a seamless manner. From Blossom, Cheers, All That, The Wire, Smart Guy, and more.


DatKid Smoove – “Interlude”


DatKid Smoove [founder of Hard2Reach Ent] returns after a year hiatus with the “Interlude” which summarizes his journey thus far. Over a soothing and atmospheric soundscape he delivers an impassioned performance that listeners can rock with.


Mecca of Stank – “Dopamine Dreams” (feat. Rebecca Noelle)

“Dopamine Dreams” is an insightful song by Canadian artists Mecca of Stank and Rebecca Noelle. Backed by a funky soul backdrop ripe with crisp guitar riffs, rousing drums and cinematic textures, Mecca of Stank reminds us to stay sharp and be wary of the misinformation in a social media connected world and the monetization of anger by A.I. They are joined by vocalist Rebecca Noelle who adds her sublime melodies into the cut.


Muncy – “Stranger to these Modern Times”

Muncy makes his entry on our site with the insightful single titled “Stranger to these Modern Times” Over a somber piano-laden soundscape, the emcee takes us deep into his life. From the self-doubt, daily hustles, and struggles, he shows us his flaws and how he copes with the madness around him.


Soupmakesitbetter x K Like the Letter – “Foot on the fence”

Compton Born, Houston raised emcee Soupmakesitbetter teams up with K Like the Letter for this new soulful collaboration titled “Foot on the fence”. The mellow record digs deep into life as it is and the daily struggles we all face. Soupmakesitbetter made his debut in the music industry in 2017 with his Ladies Love Soup EP.


Leland Philpot – “Dance In The Light” (The 2022 Remaster)


Leland Philpot introduces us to another side of his art in his new release titled “Dance In The Light” The track has a bouncy dance vibe with 4 to the floor drums, lush synths and somewhat dark textures which underpin his commanding vocals and uplifting lyrics about keeping the faith in God.


Fatlip x RBX – “Wake Up”

Legendary west coast emcees Fatlip and RBX team up for the thought-provoking tune titled “Wake Up”. Over a cinematic and off-kilter soundscape, the emcees implore us to get up, get out and get something in this crazy world where nothing is promised.



Hunter Phay – “Cypher”

Hunter Phay‘s “Cypher” is a display of pure lyricism from the emerging emcee. Backed by a sublime and moody backdrop, he proceeds to deliver a solid performance ripe with vivid lyricism from start to finish.


Jthurston – “Seven Days”

Jthurston is all about the hustle in his new release “Seven Days” and serves as an inspiration to those that are dreamers trying to balance their goals with their 9-5 jobs. He implores them to never half-step on their dreams and keeps the distractions away in order to achieve their goals.


Chuuwee x Money Montage – “Whew!”

The duo of Chuuwee and Money Montage returns with “Whew!” which sees the prolific rapper duo back in the lab. The bass-heavy track displays Chuuwee’s off-kilter lyricism that we all love.
“Whew!” is the lead track from Chuuwee’s forthcoming tape entitled Ominous Music Playing. This album will serve as an entree before their follow-up to “No More Rappers” of last summer.



Hunter Phay – “DEEP END”

Hunter Phay shares “DEEP END” which is the lead track from his debut mixtape, FREE WORLD. The piano-laden beat sees him detailing his growth and journey as an artist.



Ghetto & DJ Concept – “My Reality”


Lawrence, MA-based wordsmith, Ghetto pulls back the curtain for a look at his life through the years on “My Reality.” Backed by Concept’s ethereal and cinematic production, Ghetto explores what made him the artist he is today, from his tumultuous youth to his time invested in street life. He explained that it was the easiest track for him to write to, “because there’s nothing better than realistic music.” “My Reality” is one of many stand-out cuts taken from the duo’s collab EP, Ghetto Concepts available now through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms via Crisis Center Collective.



WestWrldSyd – “Chosen One”


WestWrldSyd shows us why he is the “Chosen One” as he makes use of a cinematic and punchy trap backdrop to display his verbal prowess and go-getter mindset. “Chosen One” embodies the truest essence of the quintessential “Street Single”.




Maro Music – “Never Give Up”


Polish DJ, and producer Maro Music delivers “Never Give Up” taken from the forthcoming REJECTS audio musical. The track is a thought-provoking tune that blends cinematic trip-hop vibes with revolutionary dancehall vocal stylings.





D-Werd – “Keep It Movin”



D-Werd helps close the playlist with this anthemic go-getter jam titled “Keep It Movin” where he reminds us not to get in his way. Over a moody and punchy soundscape, he shows us how he plans to reach the apex.

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