The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Morgan Munroe – “End Game”

“End Game” is an atmospheric love ballad from emerging singer/songwriter Morgan Munroe. She delivers a soul-gripping performance over the ethereal soundscape laid before her and draws listeners in with her expressive and evocative songwriting. The production is striking and the beat change at the end is so brilliant.


808 Saints – “Say So”

808 Saints is an alternative rap duo who pours their heart out on his new single “Say So”. Over a moody and sparse backdrop, the duo reflects on how people underestimate your efforts but still criticize you. They dig deep into self-doubts and how their inner resilience got them this far.


Crissy P – “Sake On A Summer Day”

Crissy P delivers some heartwarming and uplifting vibe in his new single “Sake On A Summer Day”. Over a bright soulful backdrop, he muses on how beautiful the day is and how we should be ready to seize the day and make the best out of it.


Chuck Brown – “Chuck’s Corner”

Chuck Brown makes his entry on our list with “Chuck’s Corner”, a gritty track that sees him delivering vivid lyricism over a dark cinematic soundscape. The Orange Country emcee goes for the proverbial jugular with his commanding flow and dark lyrics and is bolstered by the solid production from NigmaBeats.



Matt Chris – “Put In Work”


South Florida-based rapper Matt Chris makes his entry with “Put In Work”, an aptly titled track that showcases his lyrical prowess and style. Over the somber and moody backdrop, he delivers a commanding performance ripe with the go-getter mentality that reminds us that he is not one to play with.



Jordan Jones – “Flawless”

Singer/songwriter Jordan Jones‘s new release “Flawless” is a smooth jam that shows him pouring adulations on the girl who caught his heart.

Darrell Medellin – “AIN’T NOBODY”


Emerging rapper Darrell Medellin shares the new single “AIN’T NOBODY”. The track samples the classic Chaka Khan song and flips it into a west coast style summer bop.


Angel J – “What They Really Want (Female Version) (DMX Cover)”


Angel J pays homage to the late DMX with her new single – “What They Really Want (Female Version) (DMX Cover)” which uses the same concept as the original song. Angel J slays the track with her commanding flow and unapologetic lyrics as she approaches the subject matter with intent. She explores the ups and downs of relationships and the underhanded moves that men and women do.


Reaper Tha Artist – “Losing Hope”


“Losing Hope” by Reaper Tha Artist is a poor man’s anthem that explores the daily struggles of having to work multiple jobs and living from cheque to cheque. Over a moody and cinematic backdrop, he pours his frustrations and anger as he reaches his threshold as the pressure mounts.


Clou9 – “Lonely”


Clou9 gets retrospective in “Lonely”. He pours his heart out on wax as he muses on the concept of being alone and in a partial state of depression. From fledgling relationships to being self-aware of his situation, he gives a nuanced and candid view of the issue.

The Reject – “Normal”


The Reject‘s new single “Normal” is a heartfelt tale of getting lost in the craziness of this world. From the ups and downs, self-doubts, depression, and more, he reflects on his journey and the emotional turmoil it brings up.



Ken the Stampede – “Back to the Topic”

Ken the Stampede makes an entry on our site with “Back to the Topic”, a laidback off kilter track that showcases his varied lyrical style. The song has no particular subject matter but is filled with bravado raps that will keep listeners locked in.



Chris Meraki – “Fall Off”


Emerging Woodbridge, VA based rapper Chris Meraki gets into his element in”Fall Off”. The track is a testament to the resilience found in all upcoming artists who have been discarded and told no but still continue to push on regardless of the negative energy around them. In his own words he says the song is “for real artists, we make music cause we have to and we ain’t never gonna fall off.”





ABSYTE takes it back with “EVERLAST”, a lyric dense track that showcase her verbal prowess in a male dominated industry. Over a solemn, cinematic soundscape, ABSYTE goes for the jugular with unfiltered and no holds barred lyrics that show she can hang with the best of them.

ITEE – “Let You Down”


Emerging singer/songwriter/rapper ITEE makes an entrance on our list with this heartfelt and reflective tune titled “Let You Down”. The neo soul/hiphop infused track showcases her versatility to the fullest as she seamlessly blend soothing melodic runs with impassioned rapping underpinned by profound lyrics about trying to maintain love in a fleeting situation. This is 1 of 3 songs to be released from her

Rich Hippie – “Circles”

Emerging Philly rapper Rich Hippie takes time to reflect on his journey thus far o the upbeat record “Circles”. Over a vocal sample-driven backdrop, he shows us how the cycle never ends but he keeps pushing on.

Matt Nye x mark vasquez – “Blowing in the Wind”

Matt Nye is on a row and he returns with this somber heartfelt record titled – “Blowing in the Wind” featuring vocalist Mark Vasquez . The soulful guitar-driven track sees Matt pouring his heart out on wax as he moves on from toxic love and childhood traumatic experiences.

Suzanne Sheer – “Story” (feat. Khemist)

Vocalist Suzanne Sheer teams up with emcee Khemist for “Story”, a haunting love ballad made up of ethereal textures and evocative songwriting. Suzanna delivers a soul-stirring melodic performance while Khemist pens a vivid tale of everlasting love that goes beyond life and death.


Tracy Lamont – “Hibachi”

Virginia’s Tracy Lamont gets into the zone with “Hibachi”. A bravado-laden tune made up of thick 808 drums and Japanese flutes. The result is Tracy displaying his verbal prowess for listeners to get a glimpse of what he has in store.



M3RCII – “Phantom Of The Opera”

M3RCII returns with his new single “Phantom Of The Opera”, a heartfelt and thoughtful track that dives into a delicate issue of what if. He battles the ideas of being alone and striving for goals or finding love with the potential of not meeting the goals you set. He approached it from his own perspective but his past hurtful experiences really skewed his approach to women.


MAG Niffy – “Whatchamacallit”


“Whatchamacallit” is a chilled stylish tune from emerging rapper MAG Niffy who makes his entry on our site. Over a laidback, vocal sample-driven backdrop, he flexes his verbal prowess on the opposition and kills it effortlessly.



James Bailey – “GoldenBoy” w/ DWNLD & Frizzy Vazquez


James Bailey delivers a new single “GoldenBoy” featuring DWNLD & Frizzy Vazquez. Over a bright and bouncy backdrop, he blends his own experience with bravado lyrics showcasing his resilience. The track is inspired by his own experienced when he was almost carjacked.



Christian Adair – “1 of 1”


Alabama native Christian Adair makes his entry on our list with the bravado-laden track titled “1 of 1”. Over the self-produced sparse and cinematic backdrop, he delivers hard-hitting boastful bars with an effortless demeanor.
“1 of 1” is the lead single taken from Christian Adair’s sophomore effort Product of Doubt. The entire album is slated to be released on June 19th.


Eva B x Gingger Shankar – “Rozi”

Pakistan rapper Eva B and Los Angeles-based producer Gingger Shankar team up to deliver this eclectic cut titled “Rozi”. The track taps into her Pakistani and Indian roots with the traditional musical elements infused with hi[hop. Eva B delivers her lines in her Urdu dialect and dives into the essence of female empowerment. The track is featured as the end title song on Episode One of Ms. Marvel,
Eva B roared onto the Pakistani rap scene as the first-ever female rapper after the release of “Gully Girls,” a tribute to women oppressed by society. The anthem resonated across the region and was played at the end of Aurat March 2019 in Karachi on March 8th, International Women’s Day. Forbidden to rap by her family, Eva B covers her face to remain anonymous and follow her dream.

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