Ladies and gentleman, I have been talking about this for many a month and finally The Bullitts‘ They Die By Dawn & Other Short Stories has been been unleashed upon the world. Of particularly interest to Word Is Bond readers would be how The Bullitts, otherwise known as Jeymes Samuel, has collaborated closely with Jay Electronica for this album – interestingly enough, the title track with Jay Electronica and Mos Def spawned the entire project when Jeymes was inspired to create an entire Western film, when most would decide to shoot a music video. This album otherwise is not necessarily hip hop, but is just so versatile and wondrous in its scoundscape with such exquisite production that I think everyone can appreciate it for what it is. I implore you to listen to the Jay Electronica verses and then push on to discover the world of The Bullitts…

The Bullitts – They Die By Dawn feat. Mos Def, Jay Electronica & Lucy Liu

The Bullitts – Murder Death Kill feat. Jay Electronica

Which reminds me… I was fortunate enough to be invited to a screening of They Die By Dawn in London last night, where I was blessed to meet both Jeymes Samuel and Jay Electronica (who even complimented my shirt). Two of the dopest, most down to earth guys you are ever likely to meet, you could tell that they are artists truly born to create with each other. As for the film itself, it’s exceptional, and even though it’s only a “long short”, They Die By Dawn was engrossing and captivating with some exquisite acting and an original concept, deciding to focus on the black community directly after the abolition of slavery that have been neglected, or misrepresented, in the old Western films of yesteryear. Keep an eye out for a screening near you!

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