Boston’s Charmingly Ghetto is one of the rising stars of the underground. His evolution as an MC and a musician is notable, maturing with every release – not bad, considering he was pretty dope to start off with. It’s suitable then that his latest release is titled Of The Meaning Of Progress. His progression is indeed marked, even from last Summer’s WIB-sponsored Scotland Yahd EP, and just like Scotland Yahd he teams up with a producer (ATG) to handle the entirety of the production. Go ahead, cop the download and support good music…

On “Of the Meaning of Progress”, Charmingly Ghetto gives listeners content from a musician trying to constantly find a way to be better. For C.G., that has always been the mantra.

With “O.T.M.O.P.”, Charmingly Ghetto exhibits his lyricism as an emcee, while also developing his talents as a songwriter, co-writing hooks with Katrina Renee – an NYC-based songstress who features on 3 songs on the project. C.G. does not allow himself to feel that if he’s not good at something, he’s not good at something, and “O.T.M.O.P.” shows him experimenting with new techniques and conscious topics; he remains confident that listeners will enjoy it.

“Of the Meaning of Progress” is the project that has taken C.G. the longest to put together, and he worked hard on the “crafting stage”, simply because he had someone on the production end that is so talented, they could have been giving their time to someone else. The collaborations on this release come from artists who have a genuine respect for C.G.’s music, some being artists he has not met face-to-face yet; others he has connected with in places like N.Y.C. and SXSW.

The progress of Charmingly Ghetto’s career is an example of how important relationships are for a musician. He continues to crash on couches that belong to some of his homies from college, and it has never been an issue because of their respect and love for his passion as an emcee. C.G. says, “it’s always been go-getting, ever since college. But it’s a paced go-getting.”

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