Prolific producer B4Lasers delivers his fourth full-length project, Growin’ Painz to our earshot. The 12-track body of work sees him using his trusty Koala Sampler and SP404 MKII to chop up a myriad of sample sources from 90s R&B, and hip-hop to obscure and somewhat known Motown samples and more. The project as the title suggests, is an ode to the coming of age of a young man who has to go through different experiences to fully understand how life works.

“In My Head” sets the tone with its warm and reflective element. The guitar riffs , and warm pads all play perfectly with the soft pulsating basslines, drum grooves and airy horn passes. He even throws in a sublime melodic vocal sample into the mix which adds a soulful touch to it. “SinceIMetU” is the follow-up track and it’s built on a classic vocal sample that sings the title effectively. The way the sample is chopped coincides with the off-beat drums and staggered arrangement which has a stop-and-go effect before switching into a layered vocal-laden piece that raises the ante. “Agave Luv” sure lives up to its title with its lovelorn vibe. The dreamy textures, soft vocal samples and dynamic sound design sure make it emotional and nostalgic at once.


“Growin’ Painz” is the title track and it’s somewhat the centerpiece of the project. He uses a mellow but punchy drum break underpinned by a vocal sample singing I’m Growing Older Now, Now I’m Learning How, To BE,” which serves as the central message of self-growth and the journey of finding one’s true North in this unpredictable world that we live in. Next up is “Face2Face”, a sombre and somewhat offbeat track that blends airy vocal samples with melancholic pads, thick pulsating basslines and crunchy drums. The way he blends parallel effects with panning techniques sure adds depth to the track. The project tones down a bit with “ColdMfknInterlude”, which samples a classic 90s R&B song which true heads would catch but it’s done expertly here. It’s a case of if you blink, you might miss it. The fun continues on “Off My Mind”, a soft and warm tune that is underpinned by a rich melodic sample that builds up into a frenzy with the rich tone, subtle chops and use of soft glitch effects that don’t distract listeners. “Cry Together (mono Cut)” sees B4Lasers repurposing another classic soul sample into something refreshing and new. The drums here are punchy and are in sync with the string sample and sublime melodies used. This is followed by “Hood Love” and the live-guitar-laden ballad “Mi Fav Ting (Lilac Flwr)”, two beats that really show B4Lasers’ versatility as a producer.


The project closes out with “All2U” and “Da Reasonz” featuring UniqMoniq, the former is as soulful and relaxing as they come while the latter has a moody and somewhat ominous vibe that exudes that end-of-the-road type feeling. It is quite layered and the use of a screwed Queen Latifah vocal sample really helps take listeners back in time.

Overall, Growin’ Painz is a brilliant, cohesive project that encapsulates the many aspects of life that everyone can relate to but in pure instrumental form.

Stream Growin’ Painz  on SoundCloud below.


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