We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Addax 228 x Bach Bass – “Allegiance“.


Addax228 and Bach Bass aka Limitless production make their entry on our site with their new release titled“Allegiance”. The production is rich, smooth and cinematic and the trap drum groove is punchy and engaging from start to finish.




Ogi feel the Beat x Spective – “Spacement”.

Ogi feel the Beat and Spective teamed up to bring us “Spacement”, a dreamy and soulful beat that aims to comfort our souls. From the ethereal sound design, sublime textures, choral pads and soft drum grooves, listeners can easily drown out their sorrows within the soothing soundscape and drea away.





Addax 228 – “Fallen Angels”



Uprising producer Addax 228 delivers this bouncy trap beat titled “Fallen Angels” to our doorstep. The beat is made up of lush keys, choral vocal synths and rousing trap drum grooves.


Remek Kossacz – “Salt Sea”

Oslo-based Polish guitarist/producer Remek Kossacz makes his entry on our site with “Salt Sea”, a smooth summer-tinged track that sets the tone perfectly. The track has a blend of lofi/jazz and soul. The guitar-driven track is ripe with layered keys, warm pads and plucky guitar passes.




Mad Honeyy – “We Don’t Play (HBCU Drumline Induction)”


Indianapolis, Indiana-based producer Mad Honeyy raises the ante with “We Don’t Play (HBCU Drumline Induction)”, a punchy brass-driven anthemic jam that is perfect to start a game of football.


Halfspeed – “tell me again”


Halfspeed and Høusplant team up for “tell me again”, a smooth summery jam that exudes pure summer bliss and hopeful vibes. The guitar riffs are rich, smooth and the groove is just perfect to relax to.



Carter Fox – “Schroeder’s Spacewalk”

Carter Fox and the good folks at Chill Moon Music present “Schroeder’s Spacewalk”, a piano-driven lofi jam that is perfect to relax to. The keys are dreamy and lush while the guitar riffs and airy sax play in the background and add a touch of soul to the record.





Oddability x Sleeper Toons – “Quiet Sunrise”

“Quiet Sunrise” is a collaboration between Oddability and Sleeper Toons and Chilled Cat and the trio brings something graceful and reflective. The sparse arrangement is made up of soft guitar plucks, airy keys, and warm pads with hushed grooves.


Chill Enoway – “Barely Cloudy”

Chill Enoway helps us start the day with “Barely Cloudy”, a sombre and serene track that is rich in depth and feeling. The keys used here are progressive and solemn in nature while the guitars play the main role and overall they all come together like hand in glove.

Sly Wes – “The Matrix”

LA-based producer Sly Wes flips a classic Jimi Hendrix sample to create his new track titled “The Matrix”. The famous guitar riffs are blended with dark ominous textures and scenic sound design over punchy drums and take listeners down into the dark alleys of the matrix.


Bmbu – “fall back

Bmbu‘s “fall back” is a seamless blend of lofi, jazz with futuristic elements. The dark synths sure merge well with the sombre piano chords and the basslines also add that extra oomph to the track.




B4Lasers – “Growin’ Painz”



B4Lasers‘s “Growin’ Painz” is a sombre and introspective beat made up of smooth textures, airy vocal samples and soft drum grooves. The layered production sure taps into the nostalgia and the events that help shape an individual as they grow older. This is the title track of his upcoming album.



Lopht – “Before You Go”


Lopht shares this awesome and soul-gripping beat titled “Before You Go”. The track’s solemn guitar riffs, nostalgia-inducing pads and strings all tap into our deepest longing emotions that come with leaving that special someone in your life.



CiaoTull3 – “Jiji in the sky”

CiaoTull3 brings us something bright and vibrant in the form of “Jiji in the sky”, a upbeat and fun-filled tune ripe with soulful chords, soulful synth-pads with subtle sound design to tie things up.





One million flowers x escapist. – “The Youngest I’ve Been”

“The Youngest I’ve Been” is a collaboration between One million flowers , escapist and Roadterix who help usher in a warm and introspective vibe. From the simple guitar plucks, sad strings and slick guitar strums, listeners can get lost in the sea of nostalgia.


Majid Unpeek x Lola – “summer haze” (feat. Lola)


Majid Unpeek and Lola transport us back to the warmest season of the year with “summer haze”, a soft and calming tune that is made up of rich pads, sentimental chords and soft drum grooves.


Nathan Hui-Yi – “Now Sleeps (The Beating Heart)”


Nathan Hui-Yi delivers “Now Sleeps (The Beating Heart)” to our ears and it’s highly recommended. The piano-driven track has a dusty and nostalgic feel as the pianos really rise to a plateau while the crunchy boom-bap drums add to the head-nodding grooves.




Nuru MacNamara – “sun sea bar”

Nuru MacNamara‘s “sun sea bar” is a sun-drenched piece that exudes pure joyful feelings. The keys are warm, and mellow and flow seamlessly wit the main guitar riffs while the acoustic plucks add that extra summer vibe to it.





vhskid. – “Spending Time”

vhskid. delivers a serene and reflective track “Spending Time” to our doorstep. The piano arrangement is rich and alluring and the pads have a transcendent feeling that is both captivating and warm.




Ted Ganung x Robert Ganung – “North Sky”


Son and father duo made up of producer Ted Ganung and guitarist Robert Ganung team up for “North Sky”, a bouncy guitar-driven beat that exudes soulful summer vibes. The track is layered and quite engaging with it’s smooth guitar arrangement and lush progression. The track is lifted from their Summer Night in New Harbor project.




The Vinyl Heritage – “Eyes on me”


The Vinyl Heritage makes his entry on our site with “Eyes on Me”, a smooth bouncy tune made up of warm pads, slick guitar plucks and pitched-up vocal samples. The groove is solid and the progression sure has a lot of dynamics built into it.





Arturo Banbini – “Cult”.

Arturo Banbini closes out this week’s list with “Cult”, a dark ominous track that sounds like a scene from a modern sci-fi thriller.

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