We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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$plashious – “sunk costs


Rhode Island-based producer $plashious shows us what the “sunk costs” are. The track has a sobering and solemn vibe and the jazzy horns and staggered drum grooves are quite engaging too.


Sincere Leone – “Overstanding”

Sincere Leone brings some form of “Overstanding” in his new release. The sublime keys, atmospheric pads and strings sure blend together and the build-up sure keeps listeners locked in.



French Lobster – “Bloomer”

French Lobster’s “Bloomer” is a soothing and melancholic beat made up of sombre guitar riffs, ethereal pads and warm textures layered over soft drums. The transitions and breakdowns are also brilliant and makes it dynamic.



Strange Soul Music – “Snooze”

British producer Strange Soul Music gifts us with this lofi/R&B infused piece titled “Snooze”. The piano riffs and progressions are superb and keeps changing as the track moves along and the soft drum grooves work perfectly as well.



Flor Talonét – “open arms”

Producer Flor Talonét delivers this new release “open arms” which is a smooth relaxing instrumental that slowly progresses with an improv jazzy style. The keys are quite rousing and keep the bright uplifting energy.


Nick Wolf – “Snake Eyes”

Nick Wolf gifts us with this short piece titled “Snake Eyes”, made up of soft drum grooves, expertly chopped piano riffs and melancholic textures. The beat feels like an interlude and doesn’t reach the 1-minute mark but it’s infectious enough for repeat plays.


Angry Apple – “landscape 03”

“landscape 03” is a jazzy/boom-bap instrumental from producer Angry Apple who makes his first appearance on our list. The drum grooves are reminiscent of Pete Rock and his use of chopped samples made up of flutes, mellow keys and warm basslines sure make this engaging from start to finish.



Quist – “Dali Naps”

We got something new and refreshing from Quist titled “Dali Naps”, the record is as solemn and sublime as they come. From the warm textures, lush keys and pads layered over soft drums, the producer delivers the goods on this one.


marsquake – “Stranded”

German producer marsquake drops “Stranded”, a chilled relaxing tune made up of soft airy pads, strings and melancholic keys underpinned by ethereal vocal samples in the hook section.


B4Lasers – “Song of the Sun”

B4Lasers comes through with “Song of the Sun” which samples a classic soul song and flips it into his own creating. The choppy samples, guitar riffs and vocal samples gel seamlessly over the thick boom-bap drum grooves


Quist – “Brew”


Quist returns to our list with “Brew”, a chill-hop standard beat with dusty guitar plucks, warm low tones, and sparse drums all underpinned by warm textures and pads.


sad.exe – “Tipsy”

sad.exe sure knows a thing or two about study beats and his new piece “Tipsy” lives up to the name. The choppy drum grooves filtered transitions and breakdowns bolstered by lush piano riffs and a pulsating bassline to match.


yonderling – “Last Light”


yonderling caught our attention with his new single titled “Last Light”. The track starts off slow with a sublime intro and slowly builds with the sparse key arrangement, lush guitar riffs and soft drums as well. It’s quite relaxing and can serve as the perfect beat to study.


Walt Dolla – “All Inclusive”

Walt Dolla flips a retro jazz sample for his new release “All Inclusive” which stays true to its name. The drums have that classic boombap bounce and the piano and string combination float perfectly over the groove.


Mr. Freed x Joe Sunrise – “Gotta Grow”

Austrian producer Mr. Freed teams up with Joe Sunrise from the Netherlands for this uplifting and soothing piece titled “Gotta Grow”. The drum groove is quite engaging and the improvised keys and dreamy horns do play off each other as the track progresses.


jxsn x hushfall – “The Moment Our Eyes Met”


jxsn and hushfall’s new release “The Moment Our Eyes Met” is as lofi as they come. The keys play a prominent part here and the sombre textures add a nostalgic and somewhat reflective feel to it.


DT11 – “Cloudwalking”


UK producer DT11’s “Cloudwalking” is a dreamy atmospheric piece made up of soft percussions, and rising strings with ethereal pads to boot. The slow progression and consequent addition of new elements sure makes it engaging from start to finish.



Kyle Quentin & The Kyles – “End Of Transmission”


Swiss production team Kyle Quentin & The Kyles take us to the “End Of Transmission”. A mellow, jazz sample-driven beat with soft sparsely arranged groove and dusty jazzy keys too. Overall, it’s quite nostalgic and has a warm vibe.



Midas x If Then Else – “POLAR”


US and the UK collide as producers Midas and If Then Else team up for “POLAR”. A smooth lofi/jazz tune ripe with warm pads and dreamy textures very punchy drums to boot.

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