Sean J – Gotta Give (prod by Soy Is Real)

Sean J – Seesaw Effect (prod Soy Is Real)

Sean J – Full Strength (prod by Soy Is Real)

Just found Sean J’s work on our inbox quickly decided to check it out….and Jeeez can this man spit…the dopest lyrics mixed with stellar production is always a winning mix and this latest offering by Sean J “A Tree By Itself” delivers just that…if you are a regular reader of WIB, then you know that we try our best to always deliver the best sounds, and this albums is exactly that…I haven’t heard anything this good since Awon & Kameleon’s “Love Supersedes”.


The album is so good, that I struggled to choose which tracks where best to post…”A Tree By Itself” is no doubt going to be on replay for weeks and months to come .

Another album to go straight in to my stash of Best Of 2010 contenders.

Read More About Sean J…

Sean J Performing “Gotta Give”CLICK IMAGE TO WATCH THE VIDEO

About the album:

“A Tree By Itself’ is consider a free album. The meaning of the title basically comes from the whole concept they always teach in philosophy class… “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, does i

t still make a noise?”.. In my personal opinion, common sense tells me it does.. regardless. So with that being said, I take that concept in my music– Regardless if anyone hears me or not, I’m still making a sound.” – Sean J

Sean J

About Sean J:

“Was born and raised in Hawaii for 19 years and came up in the local underground hip hop scene by ciphering and battling. In 2002, he relocated to Ozone (Orlando, FL) to mainly pursue his education… BUT things started opening up for my music. Sean was getting a few radio spins, did some locals shows, and dropped a few CDs (albums and mixtapes). He got on Warped Tour ’05 (all the florida dates) and was doing back and forth shows to Hawaii. Sean been on the same stage as Talib Kweli, Black Eye Peas, Atmosphere, Immortal Technique, and Non Phixion… and got collabs with Jae Millz and Rev Run. He than took a short hiatus and now he is back in full effect this year with this project, ‘A Tree By Itself’. Since Sean J was doing more appealing music (and trying to “please the massives”), ‘ATBI’ is a highlight to him since returning back to doing music that he truly wants to do, 100% honest, “say what you want” hip hop.”


Sean J: TwitterWebsite


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