Nas – MasterMind (GrandEar Rmx)

The Roots – Don’t See Us (Geeman Remix 1998)

GeeMan work found it’s way to our inbox, and after listening to The Roots remix, I had to dig for more, and waay more I found. Very dope and electronic sounds….

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The Roots Don’t See Us Remix: “Here is a remix I did of The Roots’ Don’t see us, back in 1998. As i was invited to a radio show and asked to find some of my previous material, I unveiled this track!”

Nas Mastermind Remix: “This is a remix i discovered while diggin through my mini disc collection of old beats..Lol,,yeah i used to record to on mini disc. Im soon to put some the beats and remixes in a project titled “MINI DISC DAYS” coming soon!”


“Born on the East Side of Pittsburgh, hip hop music and the culture played a huge role in Grand Ear’s early years. It was then that he earned a reputation as a dope emcee with a group he formed and produced called Smoked Fish In 1995, he dropped the mic and began to experiment with beat making alongside Joe Money, Buscrates and a few other local producers and emcees he knew at the time.”

His current album goes by the name “Electronic Pieces”…make sure you check it out

Major props to SoulPeeps for sending this through

GeeMan: MySpace, Facebook, Soundcloud


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