After 23 years, the album that everyone is looking for from Ras Kass is coming to fruition, and this time – he enlisted some heavyhitters for his upcoming project, Soul On Ice 2.

It’s been a long time coming. Three years ago, there was a promo trailer released, an Indiegogo fundraiser that unfortunately didn’t meet its goal to help bring this project to fruition. But now, through Mello Music Group, this is a reality.

This project boasts features from the likes of Snoop Dogg, Styles P, Fame (of M.O.P.), with production from Pete Rock, Diamond D, and Twiz the Beat Pro. Fifteen tracks of pure venom will remind you why nothing has changed from the debut album. As it’s stated on MMG..

“The ghosts of America’s original sins continue to haunt, but they’re now twinned with a variety of new indignities from minor to major. They range from trust fund kids pretending to be broke and plasticine women to weed being legal but the police will still kill you. Then Ras punctuates his flurry of bars by adding that he’ll probably be underrated for life. It’s a claim that underscores exactly why his music has continued to matter: it’s unvarnished and intelligent, devoid of gimmicks or overwrought plays for radio. These are anthems for seekers and the curious, those who refuse to adhere to the easy answers and dim lies disseminated by the sinister and the simple minded.”

He’s also selling his lyric book to SOI2 on his Instagram page.

Soul On Ice 2 will be out September 6th.

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