Emerging singer/songwriter Vel Stacy caught our attention with their debut EP Hearts & Bruises, a 4 track body of work that explores the ins and outs of toxic relationships alongside the emotional turmoil that ensues after one experiences profound love and heartbreak.


The project opens up with “CrazyOverYou”, an anthemic piece with triumphant brass stabs, soaring strings and rich textures. Here, Vel displays pure vulnerability as he professes his undying love to his partner. Armed with a commanding vocal tone and engulfing melodic runs, he delivers an emotionally gripping performance ripe with heartfelt lyrics. This is followed by “better”, a mellow and solemn piece that delves into unrequited love. Backed by the soulful and reflective soundscape, Vel shares a tale of a one-sided love affair and the confounding emotional pain it brings. Audiences can feel his pain as he sings“Ready to tell all our friends but since our love came to an end/You didn’t want the same/ I can’t make you love me”. The record switches up into a dance groove towards the end and we see Vel in his element as he realizes his worth because he deserved better.


“ComeBack” is introduced by a thumping kick drum and moody piano riff that forms the perfect backdrop for Vel’s emotional performance. Drowning in his sorrows, he pleads to his lover to return to him because he can’t endure the loneliness anymore. The record is well-crafted and harks back to the classic early 90s R&B records with cinematic and progressive musical arrangements that capture each emotion on wax.The final track “Roses” captures the confrontation between Vel and his lover as he comes to terms with the situation at hand. Over the lush guitar licks and soft drums, he doesn’t hold anything back as he sings “keep your roses, I don’t believe them anymore” while giving his lover a piece of his mind.


In the end Hearts & Bruises, is a roller coaster of emotions that rises and falls as Vel leads us into a world filled with fleeting joy, toxicity and pain. It’s relatable and heartwarming and audiences will appreciate the genuine show of vulnerability throughout the project.




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