Eclectic Brooklyn, NY-based producer/engineer astronaut club delivers his latest project fit check EP which sees him teaming with a host of artists from different backgrounds to create a genre-bending body of work that pushes the musical envelope. Audiences will revel in the diversity of sounds emanating from this 8-track body of work and how rich and dynamic astronaut club’s production is.


“can’t relate” is the opening track and it has DonMonique and Toronto rapper Akil Elijah teaming up for a trippy collaboration. Over astronaut clubs’ dreamy and trippy synth-driven soundscape, both artists deliver an engaging performance ripe with unapologetic raps threaded by a trippy melodic hook. This is followed by the thumping “larry bird” featuring Massachusetts rapper DJ Lucas whose expressive flow and unfiltered raps take precedence. The sparse and moody backdrop is dynamic and slowly builds up as the soaring strings and drums come into play but overall DJ Lucas delivers a playful performance in under 2 minutes. “spark” has a video game-esque aesthetic and has rapper Lil QWERTY on vocal duties. Armed with his laidback and somewhat deadpan flow, the rapper draws listeners in with his off-kilter lyrics as he flows effortlessly over the layered atmospheric synths and punchy drums laid before him.


We head to the busy streets of London with the aid of Kish! whose smooth flow and vivid lyricism stand out on “blessings”. I must add, that the production changes significantly from previous songs and it offers a mellow, almost therapeutic feel with its soft atmospheric pads. The fun continues with “tell u”  as we get to hear Miami alternative-pop/DnB singer  Take Van do her thing over the surreal soundscape provided by Astronaut Club. Her whispered nasal melodic runs are alluring and fit the off-beat backdrop like hand in glove.  The punchy “look alive” has a dark and gloomy aesthetic and finds rapper BlkSknn flexing his lyrical biceps with ease.


The project closes out with the reflective “motion” featuring Ryshon Jones and the dreamy “hollow” featuring ZekeUltra. The former has a rich cinematic synth-lead and scenic brass stabs with thick pulsating basslines and are underpinned by Rhyshon’s unapologetic bars that center on self-reliance and growth while the latter dives into love, friendship and intrusive thoughts of a young black man trying to find his footing in this crazy world.


Overall, fit check ticks most of the boxes with its experimental and synth-driven soundscape. astronaut club’s diverse production prowess is remarkable and completely strays from the norm and his ear for finding the right artist to complement his soundscape must be stated as well.



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