Since the passing of Phife Dawg aka the Funky Diabetic, A lot of people who didn’t really dig much into the materials of A Tribe Called Quest have been doing so mostly on the strength of the Bugging Out MC. And now here is a reworked version of the 1993 LP Midnight Marauders. This is basically a  tribute to the super and charismatic group  A Tribe Called Quest, by Worldwide Beatmakers. This tribute which is basically released under Ninetofive Records imprint, pays homage to the classic album by featuring new flips of all the original Midnight Marauders samples. The concept was simple: flip the samples that A Tribe Called Quest used on the original album – and do it creatively for a fresh take on a classic. So with this in mind, do not attempt to compare this to classic as nothing will beat the classic but imagine these remakes as remixes but more importantly a tribute in appreciation of what ATCQ brought to the hip hop table.

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01. Xeren – Midnight Marauders Tour Guide
02. Lars Da Fari – Steve Biko (Stir It Up)
03. Sup Nasa – Award Tour
04. Phizz Mophou – 8 Million Stories
05. Truly Danny – Sucka Nigga
06. DAVR – Midnight
07. Ingredijens – We Can Get Down
08. ScratchMagic – Electric Relaxation
09. Hans SOLO & Jens Cook – Clap Your Hands
10. SWAB – Oh My God
11. Kongchain – Keep It Rollin (feat. Foster)
12. Thor Kvisgaard & Rob Smyles – The Chase, Part II
13. Martin Funkhouser – Lyrics to Go
14. Thovo – God Lives Through
15. Ras-H – Hot Sex (feat. Chedda Bang)

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