A Tribe Called Quest is one of my all-time favourite hip-hop groups. I was shocked and saddened to see that one of the members of this iconic group passed away last week.

I was at work when the news dropped. I was nowhere near a radio or linked up to the Internet to hear of it, however. I told a co-worker that night of my idea to mash-up Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots with the song of the same title by Tribe. In the morning, when I finally heard the news, I knew that I had to make that mash-up in his memory.

I had planned to play an hour’s worth of Phife Dawg classics for the radio show but when I got started, I just couldn’t stop. Phife had such a unique voice, hilarious lyrics, and a nice flow. His group embraced jazz rhythms, dusty samples, and covered topics in such a captivating way. So the entire two hour show this week is nothing but A Tribe Called Quest classics and Phife Dawg solo joints.

This is a small tribute to one of hip-hop’s finest. Rest in Peace Phife Dawg, you will be sorely missed. I’m glad that you left us five amazing albums and some features that we will be able to enjoy forever. Your music is timeless and will live on in our hearts and stereo.

WIB Rap Radio – A Phife Dawg Memorial Mix

Phife Dawg Intro
You On Point Phife by Daniel Crawford
Check the Rhime
Baby Phife’s Return
Award Tour
Can I Kick It (J. Cole Remix)
Dear Dilla
Electric Relaxation
Seperate / Together
I Left My Wallet in El Segundo
Hot Sex
Footprints (Remix)
Uncle Willie’s Dream by Paul Humphrey
The What
A Tribe Called 21 – Stressed Out Mash-Up by Chase March
Solo Movement
Push It Along
Lyrics to Go
Beats, Rhymes, and Phife
Gentle Smiles by Gary Bartz
Oh My God
Pad and Pen
1nce Again
Find a Way
Tribe x Dilla Beat by $wedo Beats
Bugging Out

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Thanks for listening and helping us pay tribute to a fallen comrad.

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