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If you have checked our social media accounts, you have been in the loop about the set-times for the various artists that will be performing this weekend at FYF Fest. But… considering the variety of music you’ll get besides hiphop, like rock* (among other genres), we here at TWIB would like to give you OUR top ten must-see acts for this weekend.

Don’t worry, we know other sites are probably doing the same thing, but.. we just like who we like, nah’mean? By the way, this isn’t going to be in any specific order, nor are we suggesting that the others aren’t worthy of seeing, either. This is simply based on what we like, plus we won’t go into any long ass explanation, either.

  1. A Tribe Called Quest: Well, why not? I mean, despite what this group has already brought to the table during their run, as well as the turmoil they’ve gone through as a group, especially with the untimely death of Phife, how can we not respect their gangsta after 20+ years? Mind you, not every group has that type of staying power in the industry, and they made it work. If anything, we must thank them for their service, PROPER.
  2. Bjork: Although she’s an alternative artist who has brought her fans a diverse array of work for the past two decades, the Icelandic queen is a full powerhouse in her own right. She continuously challenged the popular musical landscape with her, and her enigmatic music videos. Her live performances will have you at attention with your hairs standing on end due to her powerful voice. For someone who was influenced by jazz legend Miles Davis when working on her grammy award-winning Post album, how can you NOT fuck with her?
  3. Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliot: With Supa Dupa Fly turning 20 last Saturday, and seeing her make a surprise appearance during the 2015 Super Bowl Halftime Show from being largely absent in the music scene, Missy Elliot is ready to hit the stage again. Although she made rare appearances and performed in int’l waters, this his will be her first US concert since 2008. Make sure you check out her latest song, ‘I’m Better‘.
  4. Anderson .Paak: Besides being on and contributing to Dr. Dre‘s album Compton, he also has dropped a stellar album with Knxwledge called NxWorries. These two, alone, should be more than enough, and yet, one of those reasons hold enough weight on their own.
  5. Flying Lotus: I can honestly say that you’d probably have to trust us as a website on this one. We are huge fans of this man’s work. Trust us here when we say, you do not want to miss his live performance. He’s next in line behind Bjork (yes, this writer said it).
  6. Solange: When Cranes in the Sky dropped, the music world has damn near lost their minds. Even Kaytranada, among other pop artists, jumped in and gave their twist to the astounding hit. Oh, and umm.. we can’t forget how she clapped back at New York Times’ pop critic Jon Caramanica about race in the music business. WE.. fucks with her.
  7. Run The Jewels: Ever since Killer Mike and EL-P have joined forces, we’ve witnessed a deadly combination being birthed, and most people didn’t realize it. They’ve dropped three FREE projects, one with a cat-theme, and took over the stages of many festivals over the past couple of years. Hey, they even mentioned who they’re looking forward to seeing this weekend!
  8. Erykah Badu: Whether she’s DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown or FatBellyBella, Erykah Badu will always.. nevermind. She’s one of those queens that will make her presence felt. You better stand in line, bruh.
  9. BadBadNotGood: If you’ve witnessed our coverage of BBNG on this site, you’ve witnessed them doing J Dilla tributes, but to be honest, we didn’t realize what a powerhouse band they really are until later. You also seen them working with artists like Tyler, The Creator, doing a collab project with Ghostface Killah, and being guests on quite a number of festivals over the years. This band? You don’t want to miss.
  10. Kirk Knight: One of the members of Joey Bada$$‘ Pro Era team, has proven that he could carry his own weight with his beats. Tracks like Magic Mirror and Knight Time is one to take notice of. His album, Black Noise (instrumental album), is out now!

Just in case you weren’t paying attention to our IG post about the set times, here you go again. You could see our feed on the front page of our site towards the bottom.

* – FYF Fest started as a free rock event in 2004. They started diversifying the acts a decade later.

See you this weekend.

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