In the 90s, hip hop cats sampled soul and funk materials from the 80s and turned them to gems but now the 90s materials are being  sampled or reused to recreate in this era. Brody Ave does this with Burn by sampling Mobb Deep using their track of the same name to produce this heat. Brody basically steps to cats of the trap era to stop messing with hip hop and respect what it ideally stands for. Brody Ave does not disappoint though which is why you should check this out.

Sometimes, it’s an emcee’s job to just let everybody know…”I’m not to be f**ked wit!!”. Yeah, there’s a whole lot an emcee could write about, the election, the social woes, the brutality and the murder. But, an emcee’s first job and responsibility ss to let half steppin, mumble mouf’, no flow havin’, got a ghost writer and still wack, no payin’ dues, unreal to the game and non show and provin’  “RAPPERS” to STOP PLAYIN’ WITH THE BULLSHIT HOMIE!!! …and still reference consciousness. That this here is still, HIP HOP! And now (and just only now) in light of the “standing one with time” has been tested and being a legitimate and accomplished universal music theory has been proven…EMCEES STILL ACT LIKE THEY DON’T KNOW!

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