Just One Record presents the biggie, as Gustav is joined by soul brother number one Pete Rock. When asked what his favourite record is, the legendary producer just can’t choose – so instead he chooses perhaps one of the most influential soulbrothers of all time and describes the influence on his own work. Who exactly? Find out above, as well as a little background on the 80 Blocks From Tiffany’s Part II mixtape he dropped recently with Camp Lo.

If you want more, then episode 29 features Dandy Teru discussing Cypruss hill and their record Temple Of Boom. Catch up on the back catalogue of episodes of Just One Record with the likes of FashawnMurs, Homeboy Sandman and more. Those who are subscribed to our YouTube channel can catch the early-bird uploads (and many more artist interviews), so if you wanna be in that super cool crowd head over there and subscribe!

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