One way ticket is the latest project from Baltimore based duo 3913. An EP comprised of 9 tracks produced by Dre Beluvit The Truth,J Malo and Darryl Griffin. I must say this is really dope, maybe not ground breaking but definitely something worth taking time out to listen to.

Musically the producers kept it mostly on the soulful tip, a bit of jazz influences here and there and a mix of boom bap, swing and mellow percussions reign supreme on this project. I particularly liked the energy of the project-defined,steady and laid back from track to track with nothing sounding out of the place. In the writing department, the duo Abdul Boogie and Darryl Griffin channel the spirit of ATCQ, Pharcyde, Slum village and probably any alternative hip hop group I may have failed to mentioned and they do so  from their own perspective as opposed to being copycats. Throughout the project, they remain honest, witty, insightful,somewhat brash but mostly fun.

If you are into nostalgic, mellow,smoothed out hip hop, ‘One way ticket‘ is what you need. Tune in and get with the program.

3913 is a hip hop group that was founded in Baltimore, Maryland in 2009. The group consist of two members, Abdul Boogie and Darryl Griffin, who got the inspiration for their name from 3913 Emmart Avenue which is where the group was formed. Abdul and Darryl draw their inspiration from groups like De La Soul, M.O.P. and The Roots and they view their sound as a fusion of A Tribe Called Quest and Outkast. They consider themselves to be a voice of the everyman, just neighborhood guys who feel as if there is a huge correlation between the music that they love and the city that they reside in. They see the potential in hip-hop and want to take it back to its roots, with a new modern day twist and sound, which just so happens to be the way that they feel about Baltimore. They see the city’s promise and hopefully with their new sound, concepts, Abdul Boogie’s musical charisma and Darryl Griffin’s gritty lyricism, they can help to usher in a new generation of local music that is versatile and organic. 

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