Funky DL has been a staple of the underground hip hop scene for many years now, consistently providing that classical jazzy, chill vibe with both his production and when he laces the mic. Funky DL, who is also well known for his collaborations with Nujabes, goes pure instrumental on his latest release From Sweet To Street. With the track number capped at nineteen, it’s another fully loaded album from the man, who’s output always fulfils both quality and quantity.

Precisely a year and a day from the release of the popular 2012 instrumental album “Too Hard to Beat”, Funky DL returns in 2013 with “From Street to Sweet” Instrumentals as the follow up. 

The set mirrors it predecessor in comprising of 19 instrumental gems, some of which were previously unheard and unreleased. DL handles the beats on this one supremely well as the album drifts from tracks with harder hitting grooves to progress through the album to a more neo-soulic and smooth selection, but in keeping with a ‘reminiscent of hip-hop’ feel. 

Just listening closely will demonstrate that DL takes charge with or without the use of breaks where some selections completely rely on live musician contribution in complement of DL programming and skilful arrangements. 

Hip-hop fans all over the world have already been abundantly blessed with “Jazzmatic”, DL’s FREE onslaught remix project released earlier in 2013, which focusd on bringing to life some of – Queensbridge’s King of Hip-hop – Nas’ classics in the form of jazz laiden compositions. The project went down incredibly well with hip-hop lovers globally and showcased an already ‘more than capable’ Funky DL as a producer among the hip-hop realm. The “From Street to Sweet instrumental album however, exemplifies that DL can work outside of the typical sample based format but still keep the rhythmic and melodic gestures that true music lovers can appreciate. 

All that’s left to be said is, “he did it again”… 

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